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GSA Symposium 2017

GSA Symposium 2017
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GSA 30th Birthday Party

GSA 30th Birthday Party
Party in style with the GSA!

Women in Sourcing Initiative

Women in Sourcing Initiative
Schoders, Aviva, npower and KPMG all join the Women in Sourcing Initiative

Sourcing Satisfaction Barometer

Sourcing Satisfaction Barometer
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GSA Press Releases

Global Sourcing Association shares plans to announce the industry’s definitive ‘Top 30 Titans’

The industry’s most talented, committed and inspiring people, projects and partnerships from past to present to be celebrated at the prestigious GSA UK Awards ceremony in London later this year. 

Cyberthreat - a chilling new Pandemic!

Cyberterrorism has reached the point where tackling the threat is no longer just the responsibility of individual corporate businesses. Hear what GSA Symposium Keynote Speaker (Dr Bray) has to say!

Global Sourcing Association UK announces the Winners from the GSA UK Professional Awards 2017

The professionals and teams of the sourcing industry are recognised and celebrated by representatives of the global sourcing community. 

Newly Elected GSA Council Will Steer Strategic Vision for UK Sourcing Industry

The Global Sourcing Association UK (GSA) is today announcing its newly appointed Council for 2017/2018.

The GSA launches independent Automation User Group

The GSA launches independent Automation User Group to dispel the myths and clarify the benefits of robotics and automation in the sourcing industry.

GSA Automation User Group

The GSA Automation User Group - Leeds

The GSA’s Automation User Group held its inaugural meeting in Leeds on Thursday 31 March. Attendees included representatives from ISG, Ofsure, Cognizant, IBM, NHS Business Service, Direct Line Group and the Irish Government among others.

Both NHS Business Services and Direct Line Group presented cases studies of automation in practice within their organisations, and shared their respective journeys.

Public Sector Day

Public Sector Day

The Global Sourcing Association (GSA) hosted Public Sector Sourcing day on the 23rd March 2017 to inform participants of the options available and highlight the great work that sourcing has done in the industry.

Excellence in Customer Experience with CxScore

Page not found: how to avoid a customer experience roadblock

For automotive brands, customer experience is easy. It’s all about the swish showroom, smooth test drive, and slick salesman spiel – right? 

Wrong. The automotive industry is changing, and with it, the expectation for brands to deliver an end-to-end customer journey. A journey that takes the consumer from browsing on mobile, through the showroom, into a test drive and ending with purchase.

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Keir Greenwood of the GSA Council talks about the Digital Age

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GSA Professional Awards 2017

Get a look at the photos from our GSA Professional Awards Ceremony 2017.

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