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Effective Governance of Outsourcing Arrangements

Effective Governance of Outsourcing Arrangements
Introducing the key principles of governance in a sourcing context and explores leading edge thinking and tools in this critical sourcing topic.

RPA User Group

RPA User Group
This event will look at RPA beyond the hype and focus on how you can create an automation centre of excellence.

GSA UK Professional Awards

GSA UK Professional Awards
The Global Sourcing Association presents a dedicated awards ceremony that celebrates the talent of the individuals and teams who deliver significant value to the global sourcing industry.

Sourcing Standard Webinar

Sourcing Standard Webinar
Join the GSA for a 1 hour webinar on the 15th of March at 2pm to hear about our accreditation programme and to discover the benefits of accrediting your organisation to the Global Sourcing Standard.

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The gsa and hfs partnership

The Global Sourcing Association and HfS Research announce global partnership to drive insight, knowledge and skills across the global sourcing industry.

GSA members who want access to HfS premium content, please contact

Below you can find the hot blogs, market analysis and reports for this month courtesy of HfS Research.

What ever happened to the Death of Offshoring through RPA?

HfS investigate the effects of RPA on offshoring, and why it has not had the effects that were initally predicted.

No more denial for WNS as it makes its concerted procurement play

HfS explores the acquisition of Denali by WNS and what it means for the industry.

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Sourcingfocus Newsletter - January Edition

Check out the first edition of our Sourcingfocus bi-monthly newsletter! This edition provides you with highlights and findings from the sourcing industry, meaningful insights and predictions for 2017, an interview with the BBC's Procurement Director, news

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