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Introducing the Executive team

Kerry Hallard - is the President of the Global Sourcing Association and CEO of the Global Sourcing Association UK. Kerry previously held the titles of CEO of the National Outsourcing Association and Director of the European Outsourcing Association and recently led the organisations’ highly successful global rebrand.

Kerry’s focus is on growing the reach and the positive reputation of the sourcing industry globally, through the development and dissemination of standards and qualifications. Kerry recently established the GSA’s Standard Advisory Group, enlisting representation from 20 countries around the world, as well as senior buyers, service providers and accreditation partners.

Kerry’s career spans over 20 years in strategic consultancy and corporate communications in the high-tech and business-to-business arena, representing companies to include: ICL; Lexmark; IBM; KPN Qwest; Avaya; Crystal Decisions and Cincom.

Kerry received an MBA from Kingston Business School in 2004.

Prior to commencing her career in communications, Kerry worked in Eagle Star Insurance Services IT department. Kerry graduated from the University of the West of England with a BA Hons in Modern Languages and Information Systems.

Chris Halward - previously Managing Director at True North, GSA's training and professional development partner, has also joined the executive team as Director of Global Standards. Chris is responsible for spearheading GSA's qualifications and accreditations programmes, as the GSA continues its focus as a professional body.

Natalie Milsom - has been appointed Projects Director, with responsibility for leading the development and implementation of GSA’s key projects, to include the annual Symposium, Awards and our many initiatives.

Martyn Hart - founded the NOA back in 1987. After 29 years at the helm of the NOA as Chairman, Martyn Hart now fills the position of Director at the GSA.

The Global Sourcing Association
The Home of the Global Sourcing Standard