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Improve your sourcing Skills, Whatever Your Level

GSA-UK Pathway offers a wide range of training programmes and qualifications for those involved in sourcing activities, either as a provider, as a user of outsourced services or indeed as an advisor to tsourcing parties.

Whether you are looking for training in a specific sourcing topic, or want to work towards a university accredited qualification, GSA-UK Pathway offers you a solution. 

Designed and delivered by experienced tutors, GSA-UK's Pathway is the UK’s only sourcing skills programme that offers the option to work towards univerisity accredited qualifications up to post graduate level. Whatever your level of experience, GSA-UK Pathway will make you a more knowledgeable, more effective and a more successful sourcing prationer.

Developed in line with the demands and requests of GSA-UK members, the syllabus addresses the issues that providers and users face day in day out, so that you can be certain that it is highly relevant and practical.

GSA-UK’s training programmes accommodate sourcing professionals at all levels of experience from newly appointed supplier managers to highly experienced leaders and managers who are looking to further develop their knowledge and expertise.

Accredited by Portsmouth University, GSA-UK's qualifications range from a brief online introduction to sourcing, through the industry’s first Level 4 Professional Certificate to the GSA-UK Diploma in Strategic Sourcing at Level 7 (postgraduate).

GSA-UK Pathway is a cost-effective way to ensure your outsourcing delivers the maximum savings and innovations you hoped for. By using GSA-UK best practice, both private and public sector sourcing professionals can improve not just their own prospects, but their companies’ at the same time.

Visit Professional Development for more information on Professional Development Programmes in outsourcing, or contact Chris Halward, Director of Professional Development at

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We encourage civil servants to partake in our skills academy and become more commercially astute in governance, performance management and relationship management. Develop your outsourcing knowledge and skills while validating your professional competence by achieving an accredited professional qualification Are you an experienced outsourcing professional? Obtain a post-graduate level outsourcing qualification! Discounts on all GSA-UK Pathway courses are a benefit of GSA-UK Professional membership. Learn more about other benefits of membership!

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