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Outsourcing Yearbook

Covering every trend and technology that will affect outsourcing between now and 2020.

Featuring a plethora of knowledge, trends and predictions from across the industry.

Featuring analyst views and trends, IBM on innovation and a global destination watch.

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The Outsourcing Yearbook 2016

This is a pivotal time for those working in the outsourcing industry. Changes that took place over the last 12 months surpassed the number of changes seen throughout the last 12 years - as a result, organisations globally want to know what the next five years have in store for them. 

That's our chief focus for the Outsourcing Yearbook 2016: Outsourcing in 2020. We have decisively determined what trends, technologies and skillsets are going to shape outsourcing in the coming decade, and how organisations will need to adapt in order to thrive.

This year’s edition features a thrilling blend of insightful research, expert analysis and future-focused opinion pieces. Highlights include:

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18,000+ outsourcing professionals (buyers, suppliers, advisors)

The Outsourcing Yearbook is made available in hard copy format to all GSA members free of charge by coming along to our events. The online e-book is circulated to the GSA's entire membership database (over 18,000 outsourcing contacts).

It is also distributed throughout the global outsourcing industry through international organisations, a wide array of online channels, and at related industry conferences and events.

A full breakdown of readership by vertical sector and job title is available in the Information Pack.

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Outsourcing Yearbook

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