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Negotiating Skills for Sourcing Professionals 

The workshop explores the key principles of negotiation and the challenges and dynamics of negotiations in sourcing situations in particular.  It focuses particularly on the subtle behaviours that inform and influence the negotiation dynamics in crucial ways and looks at how to manage these more successfully.

Negotiation for many sourcing specialists is an area that is of critical importance in ensuring they achieve the desired outcomes for their organisation.  However, whilst for some negotiating comes very naturally for many it is particularly challenging.  The workshop provides those who are naturally comfortable with an understanding that allows them to further develop their competency and for those who find it difficult it offers highly practical tools and techniques that can be immediately put into use.

The workshop is delivered by highly experienced GSA specialists who use a mixture of presentations, case studies, practical demonstrations and exercises.

Who should attend?

Anyone who needs to negotiate in a sourcing context –either as part of the initial contracting process or indeed the many negotiations that can take place post contract. 

This will include supplier managers, procurement managers and risk managers amongst others.  The workshop has been designed to be of value to a range of experience levels from those relatively new to negotiation through to those who already have considerable experience.

The course is led by experienced industry professionals, providing an innovative and invaluable learning opportunity.

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