The Outsourcing Life Cycle and Best Practice Standard
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The Outsourcing Life Cycle and Best Practice Standard

This module introduces the key principles of outsourcing practice through an examination of The Global Sourcing Standards of best practice, a well-regarded framework that is regularly scrutinised by industry practitioners.

The value of the module is to provide participants, whatever their sourcing role, with a high-level appreciation of the sourcing context from which they are able to better understand their own contribution to the success of sourcing strategies and the contribution of others.

In the past it has helped to build greater consistency of practice and effectiveness of communication across outsourcing teams and arrangements.

The focus of the course is on practice rather than theory, with participants encouraged to consider the relevance of the material to their own roles and to consider how they can make a difference to their own organisation’s sourcing practice.

Topics to include:

                               - strategic leadership    

                               - relationship management     

                               - relationship engagement    

                               - transition and change

Who’s it for?

The GSA-UK Foundations of Sourcing programme is a series of workshops for sourcing professionals to develop their knowledge, understanding and management of sourcing.

Please note: Members and non-members are welcome to register for this course.

What qualifications are available?

Alongside the workshops there is an option to obtain GSA-UK certification in sourcing practice - of value to those who see sourcing as a long term career.

Attend 2 workshops and provide evidence of work-based learning (EWL) to receive the GSA-UK Foundation Certificate in Sourcing.

Attend 4 workshops and submit 3 pieces of EWL for the Professional Certificate in Sourcing Practice and consent to add CertGSA after your name.

The course is led by experienced industry professionals, providing an innovative and invaluable learning opportunity.

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