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  • #EOA1.0 - The European Outsourcing Association Hackathon

#EOA1.0 - The European Outsourcing Association Hackathon

Think about the future. What do you see?

The advancement of technology has been an enabler for innovation in sourcing, and this is already impacting all aspects of our industry, from contracts and management reporting through to the deployment – indeed displacement – of labour resources. As technology becomes an ever-increasing driver, new skills and competencies are emerging to support this new sourcing ecosystem. We are standing on the threshold of a place in time where our lives are about to change significantly, and probably beyond our current comprehension.

But what if we could hit the sourcing ‘pause’ button, say for 24hrs, and re-direct the knowledge, skills, competencies and technology within our ecosystem, so that for one day only we could come together to create a future that would also benefit those less fortunate than ourselves?

What would you create?

The GSA ran it's first-ever Hackathon organised by the European Outsourcing Association at it's European Summit in 2016, aiming to harness the technology, skills and creativity in sourcing to provide a tangible and sustainable solution or output that will benefit our environment, or those less fortunate than ourselves who co-habit it.

#EOA1.0 was a call to arms for design-thinkers, developers, programmers, marketers and other related experts to come together for 24 hours and help define a better future. Taking place in Bulgaria on 5-6 October, the ancient city of Sofia (around since the 5th century BC) provided the perfect backdrop as Antiquity met Technology to inspire a splinter of the future.

After 24 hours, we named ITC INFOTECH European Hackers of the Year for their 'PLANT A TREE' project at our European Awards 2016 Ceremony.

It all started with #EOA1.0

The GSA is looking to organise more Hackathon's as part of future events, watch this space to learn more.

Don’t just sit on the side-lines and watch it happen, be a part of it!

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