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GSA Global Sourcing Summit & Awards 2018


It is with great regret, and personal disappointment, that due to the ongoing and critically serious water crisis in Cape Town, South Africa, I announce the postponement of the forthcoming Global Sourcing Summit & Awards, to be held in partnership with BPESA (Business Process Enabling South Africa), and hitherto scheduled for March 14-16 in that city. The event had garnered great enthusiasm and positive support, but although it is very clear that despite the current drought and water shortage, South Africa is very much ‘open for business’, we do not believe we will optimise this critical event if we were to continue at this time.

A stated aim of the Global Sourcing Summit & Awards is to leave a legacy of over 1,000 new jobs in the region as a result of agreements emanating from the event. We do not want to risk wasting this opportunity and failing to provide that legacy by going ahead with this unrivalled global event at this unprecedented, extremely difficult time.

As such, after much hard introspection, and lengthy discussions with our partners and stakeholders, we have taken the decision to postpone the event to the final quarter of this year, when the drought situation will be alleviated and we will be able to showcase the hugely impressive capabilities, and vast potential, of both the region and of South Africa as a whole, as a rapidly evolving key sourcing destination.

We believe this decision will be supported by sponsors and will alleviate the concerns of delegates. Although we were committed to making the Global Sourcing Summit & Awards a water-neutral (if not, indeed, water-net-positive) event, progressing with the event could be misconstrued by some as not reflecting the sustainable sourcing message that the GSA holds dear. We also felt we could not risk that happening.

It only remains for me to give my personal declaration of support for all Capetonians as they face this crisis with resilience and optimism.

We look forward to seeing you all in Cape Town later this year.

Kerry Hallard

President, GSA CEO, GSA UK


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