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Robotic Process Automation

Outcome-Based Contracting

Effective Exit Management

Good Governance

Wrestling with robots? The GSA is developing a guide on how to introduce RPA into your organisation.

Learn how companies contract for outcomes successfully, and how you can do the same.

Exit should never be an after-thought, but all too often it is. Find out how to plan ahead effectively.

Perfect the governance of your sourcing to ensure long-term harmony and ROI.

RPA best practice guide

The GSA is collaborating with a number of its corporate members in the production of a best practice guide for the use of robotic process automation (RPA). The guide - featuring the material used for the GSA's own RPA workshop - will offer a roadmap for implementation, case studies, research results and a glossary of terms.

Express interest.

Guidelines for buyer-supplier relationships

Following our inaugural Enhancing Buyer-Supplier Relationships SIG, the GSA has produced a set of guidelines summarising the conclusions drawn during the session.

Read the blog post.

Outcome-based contracting best practice guide

GSA Council members from 2015 Paul O'Hare (Kemp Little) and Juan Crosby (PwC) review past examples and future best practice for outcome-based contracting, complete with a case study and steps to maximise the impact of contracting for outcomes.

Read the full guide.

Developing a rightshoring toolkit best practice guide

Rightshoring is the process of identifying the most suitable geographical locations for the delivery of outsourced services. This guide explains what you need to know about the toolkit approach to rightshoring, and how this process will help your organisation with implementation and management when sourcing offshore.

Read the full guide.

Exit management best practice guide

In this day and age, it's amazing how many contracts still have no exit arrangements. Some argue planning for exit undermines faith in the sourcing relationship from the start - it doesn't. This comprehensive guide extensively covers everything you need to know about planning for exit, stage by stage.

Read the full guide.

Good governance best practice guide

Time and time again, effective governance has proven to provide significant benefits to all parties involved in a sourcing relationship. This guide offers a concise summary of how good governance can be conducted, providing the necessary focus, pragmatism and direction to drive value.

Read the full guide.

Benchmarking best practice guide

Benchmarking is a vital tool, aimed at driving performance and value through creating and developing a comparable standard. There are right and wrong ways to go about it - organisations frequently fail to effectively benchmark and reap the consequential benefits. From initial implementation to ongoing maintanence, learn how benchmarking can be carried effectively out at all times.

Read the full guide. 

Choosing the right sourcing model best practice guide

Get your sourcing off to the perfect start by choosing the sourcing model that suits your organisation and its needs best. (2013)

Read the full guide.

Innovation best practice guide

Economic pressures and prolonged austerity have made innovation less of a priority to some; to others, it's one of the main requirements of every service that goes to tender. Regardless of which side you fall on, this guide outlines secrets to unlocking innovation through outsourcing that will be relevant to you.

Read the full guide.

Relationship management best practice guide

Is relationship management an art or a science? Written by Chris Halward, professional development director at the GSA, this guide provides answers and insight into what is one of the most popular topics across the GSA's entire professional development programme.

Read the full guide.

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