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Member Spotlight 

Company Overview

HfS Research is The Services Research Company™—the leading analyst authority and global community for business operations and IT services. The firm helps organizations validate and improve their global operations with world-class research, benchmarking and peer networking.  HfS Research was named "Independent Analyst Firm of the Year for 2016" by the Institute of Industry Analyst Relations which voted on 170 other leading analysts. HfS Chief Analyst, Phil Fersht, was named Analyst of the Year in 2016 for the third time.

HfS coined the terms "The As-a-Service Economy" and "OneOffice™", which describe HfS Research's vision for the future of global operations and the impact of cognitive automation and digital technologies. HfS' vision is centered on creating the digital customer experience and an intelligent, single office to enable and support it. HfS’ core mission is about helping clients achieve an integrated support operation that has the digital prowess to enable its organization to meet customer demand - as and when that demand happens. With specific practice areas focused on the Digitization of business processes and Design Thinking, Intelligent Automation and Outsourcing, HfS analysts apply industry knowledge in healthcare, life sciences, retail, manufacturing, energy, utilities, telecommunications and financial services to form a real viewpoint of the future of business operations.

HfS facilitates a thriving and dynamic global community which contributes to its research and stages several OneOffice™ Summits each year, bringing together senior service buyers, advisors, providers and technology suppliers in an intimate forum to develop collective recommendations for the industry and add depth to the firm’s research publications and analyst offerings.

Now in its tenth year of publication, HfS Research’s acclaimed blog Horses for Sources is the most widely read and trusted destination for unfettered collective insight, research and open debate about sourcing industry issues and developments.

HfS was named Analyst Firm of the Year for 2016, alongside Gartner and Forrester, by leading analyst observer InfluencerRelations.

Spotlight Question

What sets HfS Research apart from its competitors?

In today’s era of information overload, digital bullsh*t, fantastical claims of “disruption”, impending employment apocalypses, and just general confusion, there is more appetite than ever from enterprise service buyers to get together and decipher reality from the marketing hype.

At HfS, we are focused on sharing real-time market insights and dynamics with our clients, and performing exhaustive interviews with buyers to learn about their experiences and the performance of their service providers.

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