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Sourcing Mentoring PROGRAMME

The Global Sourcing Association is launching its Women in Sourcing Mentoring Programme as a key initiative developed as a result of the highly successful Women in Sourcing Programme it launched in 2016.

The GSA’s Women in Sourcing Mentoring Programme is a free and open global programme set up with the express aim of using experienced sourcing professionals as Mentors to encourage more women to enter the sourcing industry, and to help develop the careers of those women working in sourcing, so as to achieve more senior positions.

The Mentoring Programme is an initiative within the GSA’s Social Inclusion Charter, which underpins the Global Sourcing Standard. The GSA and its members are committed to Social Inclusion and want to see more done within the industry to support the development of women working in any aspect of the sourcing industry.

 Register your interest HERE. Become a mentor or a mentee today!

Click here to read more about this programme and how you can get involved!

The GSA Social Inclusion Charter

We have kicked off our Women in Sourcing campaign in the UK and globally but our Social Inclusion Charter goes much broader than looking at gender equality. It covers many aspects of social inclusion and corporate social responsibility includes Impact Sourcing, an Industry Code of Conduct and running Hackathons to find solutions for significant global social challenges.

The Social Inclusion Charter promotes an ethical and socially aware global sourcing industry that is willing to contribute to wider social goals and outcomes.

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