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Yearbook 2016

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Outsourcing Yearbook 2016

The GSA's annual compendium of sourcing analysis and guidance.

Our Outsourcing Works in the Public Sector supplement.

The supplement for all those who participated at the Professional Awards 2016.

The community portal for sourcing, published in association with the GSA.

Sourcingfocus uploads

Automation Deconstructed

Future of work in the Digital Age


Technology- A new Frontier

A Closer Look, Kerry

Antidote to Algorithms

Back to Basics

Gender Equality is Everyone's Issue

I can't get no satisfaction


Publications 2017

Sourcingfocus Newsletter

- January 2017

Outsourcing Yearbook

Available both as a hard copy and online, the NOA's Outsourcing Yearbook is an annual compendium of sourcing trends, analysis and guidance, featuring some of the hottest names and companies working in the outsourcing industry.

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Supplements 2016

Every year the NOA (Now GSA) hosts numerous awards ceremonies, as well as the highly coveted NOA Symposium. Each of these events is followed by its own supplement.

Awards supplements feature profiles on award winners and those shortlisted, while the NOA Symposium supplement includes event highlights, cutting-edge research and much more.

GSA UK Awards

GSA European Leadership

Summit & Awards

Public Sector Professional Awards

Supplements 2015

NOA Symposium supplement 2015 Professional Awards Supplement 2015 EOA Supplement 2015
NOA Awards NOA Symposium Professional Awards EOA Summit & Awards

Supplements 2014

Professionals 2014
NOA Awards  Professional Awards NOA Symposium & EOA Awards

Supplements 2013

EOA Awards NOA Awards Summer Supplement 

Supplements 2012

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