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Market Introduction Service

Expert Assistance with Entry/Expansion into the UK and European sourcing Markets


The UK outsourcing market is vast and spilling over with opportunity.

GSA research has found that 60 per cent of UK-based outsourcing buyers are looking to expand the scope of their sourcing over the next three years. However, the market is also dominated by a number of established service providers, making it difficult for smaller companies to compete.

As an ambassador for the Global sourcing industry with over 350 corporate members, the GSA is perfectly positioned to raise your organisation’s profile and provide you with a cost-effective route to market that you can trust.

Over a sustained six-month period, we will provide you with:

That’s just the start of it. We will also provide you with full corporate GSA membership, a personal account manager, access to our extensive body of sourcing literature and much more.

Key Features

Who Is It For?

The GSA’s Market Introduction Service is for the following kinds of organisation:

  • UK-based companies seeking new sourcing contracts
  • Offshore companies looking to break into the UK market
  • Smaller companies struggling to compete with other UK service providers
  • Advisories, consultancies and other organisations that target the sourcing industry

Our market introduction service is valuable to all companies that require assistance targeting the UK and European outsourcing markets.


Call Tom Quigley, Marketing Director on +44 (0)207 292 8689 or email to discuss how the GSA can help your organisation.

For the full details, take a look at the Market Introduction Service Summary document which can be downloaded below.


If you’re not interested in a full Market Introduction Service but still require some assistance with expanding your outsourcing business, the GSA can still help – just contact us to find out how the GSA can assist you.

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