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Outsourcing Works Campaign

OUTsourcing Works. The GSA will prove it.

Outsourcing has an image problem. It’s a dirty word, in many peoples eyes.

This must change. Considering the vast amount of people it employs, and the huge sums of tax they pay, let alone the value we know it adds, we must not stand still and accept that a staggering 80% of the general public do not think outsourcing is beneficial to UK PLC!

What are we going to do about it?  

Outsourcing Works is the GSA’s campaign aiming to set the record straight and demonstrate the value that the outsourcing industry adds at both the enterprise and national level. We will right the many misconceptions that surround our industry with a programme of activity including research, PR, publications and education. 

How do I pledge my support?  

Individuals and companies alike can make a difference and pledge their support to the campaign by joining the GSA and supporting us at our events. You can join our LinkedIn group to keep up to date on events and initiatives. Supporters will receive updates on the campaign including case studies, best practice guides and invites to Outsourcing Works events.

Even better still, engage in the debate, provide a case study, host an event, stand up and speak or write an article. For more details on how to get involved and make our campaign your campaign, please contact the GSA on admin@gsa-uk.com

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