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  • Sourcing Industry Satisfaction Barometer 2017

Sourcing Industry Satisfaction Barometer 2017

Is satisfaction within the sourcing industry still in decline? Play your part and help shape the future state of the industry!

As a truly independent industry association and professional body representing the global sourcing industry, the GSA’s mission is to professionalise sourcing so as to grow the positive reputation, and therefore size, of the industry. 

We can only do this by understanding how well organisations are working to levels of best practice with regards to their sourcing arrangements, as well as the pain points being experienced by our members, so that we can work to improve standards and drive the industry forward.

To help us achieve this, we’re calling on everyone to spend just 15 minutes of their time completing the GSA’s Annual Sourcing Industry Satisfaction Barometer. All information captured from the Survey will be received in strictest confidence, and we won’t ever publish the individual names of respondents, or their organisations. 

Participants who provide us with the names of their sourcing partner organisations in the survey will be given free access to the full report. In doing so, you’ll benefit from being able to benchmark your own sourcing arrangements against that of the wider industry as well as identify any essential areas in your sourcing relationships that may be in need of development.  Other participants will have access to the headlines at the Symposium on 28 June. 

If you manage a team that works in a sourcing environment please also forward them this link to an abridged version of the survey, and encourage your colleagues to complete it!

Thank you for helping us shape the future state of the industry.


Entries are now open for the Professional Development Awards 2019 and the deadline for submissions has been extended to the 3rd May!

For information on how to submit, click here.

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