he GSA launched the Emergent Talent Forum in 2018 as part of the #ReshapingSourcing initiative. 

The purpose of the Emergent Talent Forum is mani-fold:

  • To develop the skills and further the careers of those entering the sourcing profession

  • To assist in the professional and social development of all graduates, trainees and apprentices in sourcing through a platform of networking, sharing and learning

  • To provide support and encourage knowledge sharing between professionals in similar circumstances whilst promoting a clear understanding of different disciplines and career progression opportunities across sourcing

  • To enable new industry entrants to meet with experienced professionals for career advice and engage with potential mentors

  • To bring the new talent the industry has together to help steer the future direction of the industry

  • To profile the industry to emergent talent with the objective of encouraging more talent to enter the strategic sourcing profession

The GSA is inviting all buyers and providers of strategic sourcing to invest in their emergent talent and encourage them to join this essential networking and development forum. Events will be held across the UK and Republic of Ireland on at least a quarterly basis, in addition to the development of an online community hub.

Kerry Hallard, CEO of the Global Sourcing Association commented: “Employee development is integral to the core values which are at the heart of the GSA. Nurturing new entrants into strategic sourcing must become a priority to ensure fresh ideas and new thinking are maximised and to project the skills we will need as an industry in the future. There is a war on talent and our aim is for this Forum to help appease that.”

Emma Mansfield, Chair of GSA’s Inclusion and Diversity programme said: “Employee bases are increasingly diverse and none moreso than in sourcing. This new diversity offers great opportunities to companies operating in this space - so long as they invest in developing their talent.

The opportunities offered by a career in strategic sourcing are diverse and exciting. Today’s strategic sourcing professional is ensconced in commercial understanding and driving tangible business value- add through collaboration and partnering at the highest level, making this a highly desirable though currently misunderstood profession to enter in to – we hope this forum will help demystify the career potential.”

Upcoming events in this series include;


19/11/19- Attracting and Upskilling Talent

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