For those who want to undergo training with the GSA-UK, we also offer the option of getting qualified.


Whether you are looking for a one-off executive masterclass on the implications of strategic sourcing or a year-long programme of professional development for your sourcing professionals, GSA can help.


The Global Sourcing Association is the leading UK organisation for strategic sourcing professionals and for organisations engaged in sourcing activities. For more information view our prospectus.

No longer to be seen as the accidental profession, the GSA has developed a comprehensive competences and capabilities framework for the strategic sourcing professional.

Why train with the GSA?

The GSA UK is committed to developing the professional reputation of the sourcing industry. That starts with ensuring all sourcing professionals have the opportunity to develop the right skills, behaviour and knowledge to do the job. Professional development in sourcing is central to all of the GSA-UK's work. Our professional development programme is based around training on core sourcing skills and understanding, unique sourcing profession qualifications along with generic business skills required by the sourcing professional.

GSA-UK's training programme offers a wide range of training courses accommodating all levels of experience for outsourcing professionals and with formats to suit all requirements, including online/distance learning , open workshops, in-house training programmes and executive masterclasses. We are proud to have world class trainers deliver our programmes.

GSA-UK’s qualifications include the industry’s first Foundation certificate, professional certificate, and diploma in strategic sourcing. Portsmouth University accredits the GSA-UK Diploma programmes through its Institute for Work Based Learning. The Institute for Work Based Learning pioneered the development of work-based learning at higher education level and is an internationally recognised centre for excellence.


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