GSA Global Sourcing Standard and Accreditation

The Standard is a unified end-to-end hub of knowledge and best practice. Buy and supply side organisations use it to assess their status in delivering leading sourcing/supply strategies and relationships.  Accreditation to the Standard recognises an organisation’s level of competence and ability to create the best sourcing/supply relationships.

·        Savings in acquisition costs of 5-12%

·        Savings in cost of sales

·        Strong alignment of buyer/supplier expectations

·        Reducing/removing disputes

·        More efficient governance

·        Improved value throughout contract lifecycles

·        Encourages partnering and mutual benefits

·        Exemplar quality assurance for both customers and suppliers

Relationship workshops

Structured workshops delivered by an experienced GSA facilitator, helping the buyer and supplier teams drive the maximum mutual value from their relationships, building positive and collaborative relationships.

·        Removes barriers

·        Creates aligned joint objectives

·        Encourages innovation

·        Addresses inefficiencies and reduces cost of governance


Focused resource from specialist GSA associates, supporting clients to address issues identified ahead of or during accreditation to the GSA Global Sourcing Standard, to maximise the success and value of their relationships.

·        Reduces costs

·        Improves sourcing/service lifecycles

·        Ensures the success of challenging processes such as transition and transformation

·        Solves inefficiencies


Strategic sourcing professionals are in demand.  The GSA qualifications offer those at the start of their careers and established practitioners, the means to develop their skills and support career aspirations. GSA qualifications, equip sourcing professionals with everything they need to respond to the modern challenges of a career in strategic sourcing.

  • ·        Students:  acquire  the latest skills and expertise, maximising their career prospects
  • ·        Employers: gain assured expertise in strategic sourcing
  • ·        Customer organisations: enjoy suppliers with uniquely qualified professionals committed to excellence in sourcing
  • ·        Suppliers: with qualified professionals, enhance their professionalism and reputation in the sourcing industry.

Competencies and capabilities

A unique framework of common competencies and capabilities covering the entire sourcing industry (including buy and supply side), enabling organisations to identify and develop talent quickly, working to aligned career paths.

  • ·        Attracting talent early in their careers
  • ·        Providing a strong career identity for sourcing professionals
  • ·        Sustaining talent and staff retention
  • ·        Consistent and complimentary job roles and job descriptions.

Scoping the sourcing function

Focused resource from specialist GSA associates, working with clients to ensure their sourcing functions are in step with the business objectives, championing simplicity, and focusing on value creation not just savings.

  • ·        Increased contribution to value creation
  • ·        Improving the responsiveness of the function
  • ·        Enhancing the performance of the function

Market introduction programmes

Marketing and communication programmes that are focused on helping companies, as well as destinations, establish their brands and increase their presence across the UK’s strategic sourcing community.

  • ·        Well-defined marketing programmes suited to UK market
  • ·        Positive brand communication and positioning
  • ·        Raised profiles
  • ·        Lead generation 

SME Start-Up Forum

A programme created to help start-ups be well prepared for engaging across the strategic sourcing eco-system as well as to find appropriate partners. Offering access to training, forums and legal templates and helpline

  • ·        Increased chances of success in bid scenarios
  • ·        Finding new partners
  • ·        Improved governance and business safeguarding


An on-line repository of case studies, templates, guidance and best practice that aligns to the Standard and enables organisations to rapidly achieve their sourcing strategies.

  • ·        Access to leading best practice
  • ·        Real case studies that offer lessons and valuable insights
  • ·        Saves cost & time in obviating the production of new material


A programme of bespoke industry events, providing insights, case studies and thought leadership on new and emerging technologies, disruptors and practices.

  • ·        Access to new and emerging products and strategies
  • ·        Benchmarking and learnings from early adopters
  • ·        Networking



Linking organisations with common business challenges, to help gain insights and new approaches to common challenges.

  • ·        Low cost business improvements through knowledge share
  • ·        Benchmarking
  • ·        Opportunities to collaborate on joint initiatives


Major events bringing together industry wide stakeholders, addressing and debating current issues impacting the industry, with contributions from senior industry leaders.

  • ·        Access to leading advice and best practice
  • ·        Up to date case studies and learnings
  • ·        Networking with peers and counterparts


Industry awards recognising achievements, innovations and leaders in the industry including buying and supply organisations, advisers and supporters of the industry.

  • ·        Raise the organisation’s profile amongst the sourcing elite
  • ·        Impress partners, clients and investors
  • ·        Showcase experience and celebrate team efforts


Data and latest trends and innovations, tracking new and emerging technologies and/or disrupters, with commentary and observations on their application to strategic sourcing.

  • ·        Always up-to-date on issues that can help retain competitiveness
  • ·        Testing and enhancing current strategies
  • ·        New opportunities to create value and strategic advantage


Tailored initiatives led by GSA associates, focused on a client’s specific requirements, such as up-skilling teams, or developing new strategies

·        Delivers best practice and the associated benefits more quickly

·        Tailored interventions to maximise outcomes and value

·        Links fully to the best practice prescribed by the Standard

Profiling Organisations and Countries

Showcasing new market entrants and organisations bringing fresh thinking to the industry.

Introducing Countries developing their sourcing industry and the potential benefits to UK clients.    

  • ·        Staying alert to new market entrants that can support the competitiveness of your own organisation
  • ·        Discovering new locations and partners
  • ·        Saving costs on market research

Commercial Services

Bespoke programmes developed to achieve a company’s specific objectives, such as profile building, thought leadership and lead generation

  • ·        Raised profile
  • ·        New business opportunities

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