• 24 Sep 2020 1:03 PM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    Mastek and InterWork technology companies have won contracts worth the total of £18million in order to support the NHS technical delivery of the COVID-19 Operational Dashboard.

    The Operational Dashboard shows local governments and the NHS what’s happening in terms of COVID-19 in their specific area and the country as a whole. For example, it will show the level of COVID-19 cases, death rates and hospitalisations from the virus.

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  • 24 Sep 2020 12:42 PM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    The current test and trace scheme in the UK has come under a lot of bad press recently as many people aren’t able to get COVID-19 test when they are required or having to travel miles to get one. 

    The test and trace scheme was outsourced to a private company called Serco in May for £108 million. Labour claims that by outsourcing the service the government is a wasting tax-payer money. The test and trace scheme should have been given to the NHS and local authorities to manage instead.

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  • 24 Sep 2020 10:02 AM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    The UK Fraud Office has charged three former executive of the G4S prison and security company for defrauding taxpayers after an investigation into its electronic tagging inmates scandal.

    The electronic tagging scandal occurred after an audit suggested that the firm had been charging for tags on inmates that where either dead, in jail or never tagged in the first place.

    The G4S is one of the biggest outsourcing companies in the UK. Both the G4S and its rival Serco have been under investigation since 2013 for the electronic tagging of inmates. In July, the G4S paid a £44 million fine to settle these allegations.

    The settlement reached will mean that the company won’t face any criminal charges as long as they improve their corporate governance. 

    However, the three former executives of G4S, Richard Morris, Mark Preston and James Jardine have all been charged with seven offences of fraud.

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  • 23 Sep 2020 10:17 AM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    COVID-19 has brought to light the crucial role that AI will play in the future in order to fight the current outbreak and others that may come.

    There are four main trends that we will expect to see in the future:

    Smarter Big Data Analytics and Insights:

    With COVID-19 we understand the urgency to analyse and interpret data on the spread of the virus. With AI creating a dedicated search engine we will be able to search through all the COVID-19 related documents in order to analyse the relevant data. 

    There’s also ongoing plans to develop AI solutions to deal with the backlog of further medical issues where treatments have been affected as resources are being diverted to help fight COVID-19. 

    Automated Detection and Prevention:

    Drones are being used in the US to monitor whether people are following social distancing rules. Further plans for drones include the capability to detect COVID-19 symptoms within a group of people and facial-recognition features in order to see if people are avoiding quarantine.

    Business on the rebound - predicting behavioural transformation:

    Online companies such as Amazon have grown massively since COVID-19. Amazon's sales were up by 40% in the second quarter compared to the same period last year. Therefore, companies are urgently seeking to adapt online. Self-service access to technology will become increasingly prevalent throughout 2021.

    Shutting down the next pandemic before it can start:

    The Toronto based AI BlueDot’s feature issued an alert about a potential outbreak in Wuhan on the 31st of December 2019.  For AI to become more effective and reliable at detecting the next pandemic, a global effort is needed.

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  • 23 Sep 2020 9:59 AM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    The GDS (Government Digital Service) is reviewing the cloud policy and guidance in consideration of the Schrems 2 judgement in July which destroyed the EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement.

    Schrems 2 means that there is insufficient framework to ensure compliance with EU data protection laws as the EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement has been destroyed. 

    The review will identify relevant cross-border data flows and ensure that appropriate mitigation is implemented if necessary, following the guidance from the IPO (information commissioner’s officer) and the EDPB (European Data Protection Board).

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  • 22 Sep 2020 11:04 AM | Francesca Devonshire (Administrator)

    The pandemic has caused a slowdown in government awards and demand for cleaning, security, transport and other services which will lead to a consolidating effect within the sector as COVID-19 has compounded some pre-pandemic issues. 

    During lockdown Serco furloughed 2,500 staff as most of their services were closed. They have pledged to pay back £50 million in liquidity support from the government by the end of the year but 1,200 employees are still on furlough payments to keep them employed. 

    However, they have done well in comparison to other outsourcing companies. During the pandemic they secured contracts worth around £157 million between February 1st and September 7th alongside work mobilising 10,500 contact tracers for the NHS Track and Trace Programme and helping to set up drive-in test centres.

    Although these contracts have been criticised and there’s a public campaign to pro-renationalise Serco showing the distress within the sector. 

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  • 22 Sep 2020 10:03 AM | Francesca Devonshire (Administrator)

    BPM companies are experiencing increased demand for digital transformation deals from companies within the UK as firms are forced to their cut costs with the current uncertainty of COVID-19 and BREXIT. 

    The UK is already suffering from the worst recessionary pressure in comparison to the major European economies. Therefore, many companies are considering outsourcing to BPM firms such as HGS in order to improve their balance sheets.

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  • 21 Sep 2020 4:10 PM | Francesca Devonshire (Administrator)

    After recent news that Donald Trump was going to ban the social media platform “Tiktok” due to data protection fears it has been announced that Oracle is going to partner with them in order to continue the platforms growth. This partnership is set to provide a safer environment where people's data is protected worldwide. The data will be stored on Oracles Cloud 2 after their recent success with “Zoom.” Therefore, Donald Trump has given it his “blessing.” 

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  • 21 Sep 2020 3:42 PM | Francesca Devonshire (Administrator)

    Technology companies are on the rise as HCL Tech enter the top 10 most valuable firms in terms of market-cap alongside two other technology companies, TCS and Infosys. This occurred after HCL Technologies stocks rose by nearly 4% to Rs 817 in one day. This acceleration is expected to grow their revenue by 3.5% quarter on quarter in constant currency.

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