• 3 Nov 2020 9:36 AM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    Companies are investing in artificial intelligence to provide online recommendations for consumers in order to boost sales. 

    By using algorithms, AI and data, consumers are finding what they want quicker. 

    Firms like Wayfair have experienced a 50% success rate over the past five years measured by the number of clicks it take for a customer to add goods to their cart according to Jim Miller, online retailers chief technology officer.

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  • 3 Nov 2020 9:25 AM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    Walmart has ended its partnership with Boss Nova Robotics which aimed to use robots instead of people to scan shelves and check stores inventory.

    This shift was aimed at improving customer services. However, under the current climate with the pandemic it has proven to be easier to have people rather than automation. 

    More staff are needed in order to keep up with the increased demand for click and collect and delivery services.

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  • 2 Nov 2020 2:27 PM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    Huawei wants to develop a new chip plant in Shanghai that doesn’t use American technology in a push to retain their suppliers as the US restrictions remain in force. 

    If the development of the chip plant is successful t it will lead to a more sustainable future for Huawei.

    In the future, they plan to source all their suppliers domestically in China.

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  • 2 Nov 2020 1:38 PM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    According to a study by Gartner, 47% of firms plan to increase their IoT investment in order to gain long run reduced costs and increased efficiency. 

    Gartner expects that by 2023, one third of  firms that have applied IoT will have also applied AI in conjunction with at least one IoT project.

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  • 29 Oct 2020 9:51 AM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    The US is starting to open up the chip industry to Huawei Technology again under one condition that the chips will not be used for 5G business.

    Although legislation still remains with Huawei Technology, they have the opportunity to recover and grow again.

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  • 29 Oct 2020 9:49 AM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    Nokia has suggested that they will struggle financially next year as they increase investment in research and development initiatives. 

    Nokia has fallen behind Huawei and Ericsson in terms of 5G innovation. In order to catch up with these companies 5G technology they need to invest a lot of money.

    Their new chief exec has split Nokia into four new focused business groups that will each be accountable for their own profit and loses. The four are: mobile networks, IP and fixed networks, cloud and network services and technology focused on patent portfolio. This move is too “shorten the distance between the customer and R&D” according to Pekka Lundmark, the chief exec of Nokia. 

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  • 28 Oct 2020 1:53 PM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    Ericsson has signed a contract with BT to provide 5G radio equipment in major UK cities such as London and Belfast. 

    This movement comes as the UK government ban Huawei 5G Technology  until 2027.

    Ericsson will work with BT to improve their existing 2G and 4G radio networks alongside overseeing 50% of their 5G network traffic. 

    BT has also recently signed a contract with Nokia to provide 5G radio equipment in the UK.

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  • 28 Oct 2020 9:36 AM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    As COVID-19 has shifted people to work from home the demand for Microsoft cloud services and Teams software has increased.

    Microsoft's profits were 30% higher than expected due to the increase in demand for cloud services and the sale of lucrative software such as Dynamics 365.

    However, they have suggested that profit margins will come under more strain early next year as they invest more into expanding its cloud business. They are also predicting to experience falling demand for high-margin sales of Windows operating systems in computers. 

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  • 27 Oct 2020 9:45 AM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    Apple could experience a decline in the use of their services as the Justice Department case against Google's anticompetitive practices starts.

    The case is looking at the deal between Google and Apple to set Google as the default search engine on Apple goods.

    Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst for Bernstein reckons that Apple’s share prices could fall as much as 20% if the case determines that Google can no longer be a default setting on Apple devices. 

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  • 27 Oct 2020 9:40 AM | Mia Devonshire (Administrator)

    Ant Group to close institutional order books from the Hong Kong collection as they reach record-setting dual IPO due to high demand.

    The $17.2 billion Hong Kong institutional book has closed early due to the high demand. The book became oversubscribed one hour after it launched. 

    The Ant Group operate Alipay and is an affiliate of Alibaba E-commerce Group.

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