We are the only organisation that invests time and energy to benefit the industry and the profession as a whole. We do this with the community, for the community to enable the industry to advance as a whole. Our aim is for a collaborative approach rather than a combative one. Sourcing is all about collaboration yet too oft this industry is uncollaborative – our aim is to break down these tribal walls and share ideas, and best practices and present a united front to grow the industry and the profession for everyone’s gain, rather than reinvent wheels on a company by company basis.

Our manifesto for 2020 is to:

  • Create a clear vision for the future of the strategic sourcing industry and profession, to drive its growth and maximise value. This will include disseminating thought leadership and trends.
  • Maintain world class standards in strategic sourcing, through continual development and deployment of best practices, the promotion of collaboration and professional partnering.
  • Upskilling talent, through promoting core competencies and capabilities critical to the evolving profession, developing new qualifications in response to emerging industry trends and disruptors.
  • Continually improving the positive reputation of the strategic sourcing industry, proving the significant value it contributes to businesses and economies globally communicating this to companies, media, influencers and Government. Celebrating industry successes and showcasing its innovations, in order to deliver market growth and attract the best talent.
  • Promoting ethical and socially responsible sourcing and partnering. Encouraging transparency, corporate and professional conduct and behaviours, to achieve success across the industry.
  • Creating a united voice to campaign to change the issues that most matter to the sourcing industry, bringing business and Government closer together.
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