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About the GSA UK Council

The GSA UK’s Council is an elected body which helps shape the strategic focus of the GSA UK, to be tactically implemented by the GSA UK Executive (full-time employees). The Council is formed of GSA UK members representing the entire sourcing industry: buyers, suppliers, support; all key verticals, all key horizontal functions, all leadership positions. 

The GSA UK Council consists of up to 22 elected representatives who proactively support the GSA UK Executive to deliver key initiatives within the manifesto, such as chairing Special Interest Groups or driving collaborative research projects. Additionally, there are two Council positions elected on an annual basis to deliver a proposed manifesto. 


Council Roles:

All Council positions are open for election each year. Incumbents may re-stand. Each representative can serve a maximum of three terms. The roles are as follows. Please refer to attached Open positions for more details.


  • Sourcing Strategist 
  • Attracting and Upskilling Talent Ambassador
  • Future of Work Evangelist                                 
  • Global Standard Guru                                                           
  • Customer-centricity Champion                                      
  • Digital Envoy                                           
  • New Technologies Champion                                           
  • Women in Sourcing Lead                                  
  • Inclusion and Diversity Champion                                
  • Legal Ace
  • Innovation Lead                                                                        
  • Sustainability Representative
  • Start-ups Champion                                                               
  • Public Affairs Professional
  • BFSI Representative
  • Retail Representative
  • Utilities Representative (including telcos)
  • Public Sector representative.
  • Pharmaceuticals Representative
  • Open manifestos x 2         
  • Emergent Talent Representatives


About the GSA UK Management Council

The Council will then nominate at least three of its number to form the GSA UK Management Council and elect a Chair. Mark Devonshire is currently the elected Chair and his term will run until 31 August 2020. The Management Council will be the interface with the GSA UK Executive, observing that projects are delivered according to the agreed strategy, through meetings on a quarterly basis. 


About the GSA UK Chairperson

The Chairperson of the GSA UK has a figurehead position within the GSA UK. 

The Chair position requires the most time commitment, as in addition to quarterly Council meetings and monthly Management Council meetings, the Chair of the GSA UK will be requested to attend and sometimes address audiences at key industry events.

The Chair is elected on annual basis and can serve a maximum of 3 terms.


Council Involvement

Being on the GSA UK Council is a twelve month commitment. All Council Members are requested to attend at least three of the four Council meetings per year, in order to create a blueprint for GSA UK initiatives. 

Council members are required to steer initiatives, but the GSA UK Executive will manage the delivery. Council members should be available to fulfil on any follow-up work they commit to and involvement in sub-activities, if applicable.  Council members should expect to invest a minimum of 18 hours over a 3 month period – with some investing significantly more time, if so volunteered.

It is also required that Council members support the Association’s goals, policies, including the GSA UK’s commitment to best practice in all aspects of sourcing and outsourcing, and not act against the interests of the GSA UK.  In this respect the nominee must sign the Principles of Good Governance and Code of Best Practice of the GSA UK before they can take up their position once elected. This document is available from the GSA UK Executive.


Council members are requested to support the GSA UK through

  • Ideas / planning / steering of programmes / manifesto campaigns 
  • Contributions to industry awards, standards and qualifications
  • Nominations for benevolent spend (to be proposed to GSA UK Management Council)
  • Providing contacts for potential membership, speaker, partnering opportunities
  • Judging GSA Awards – UK, Professional and Global


Our most ardent Council members can also get involved to:

  • Chair or present at GSA UK events
  • Represent the GSA UK in the media, working in conjunction with the GSA UK press office
  • Develop thought leadership pieces for publication in national and key trade press
  • Be GSA UK ambassadors by speaking / judging / contributing /networking etc. at third parties’ initiatives  


Roles on the Council are unpaid and there is no allocation for travel expenses. Meeting venue and catering bills are however covered by the GSA UK.


How to run for the Council

Each candidate must be working for a corporate member of the GSA UK in good standing when the nominations close and not have acted against the interests of the GSA UK. 


Every candidate must submit a biography (one page) in English along with your photo (this is just to make the Council more personable). Please fill in this form:


If you wish to run for any one of these positions you must email your nomination form, a paragraph on “Why you?” and your biography in by the deadline (see dates below) to The biographies received will accompany the ballots sent out by the GSA UK.


If you are not currently a corporate member, but are interested in becoming one, please contact the GSA UK office on 020 7292 8686 or



The key dates in this year’s election are:

  • Nominations open 12 September 2019
  • Find out more. Meet the CEO, Chair and other members 4-6pm 24/09/19 
  • Nominations close on 30/09/19 and all biographies should be received at the GSA UK offices by 23:59 hrs GMT
  • 01/10/19 - Ballots with the associated Why me? / manifestos and biographies are sent by email to eligible voters (members in good standing). Voting opens
  • 18/10/19– Voting closes. Votes must be received at the GSA UK office, either by mail or email by 17:00 hrs GMT
  • New Council announced on 21/10/19. The election results will be announced, to representatives directly, to press and posted on the website
  • Live judging 29, 30, 31 October – hold at least one date in your diary
  • Next Council meeting Monday 2ndDecember, 3pm – 6pm followed by optional Xmas drinks in Central London


Who votes and how?

All nominees’ manifestos and bios are sent out with ballot papers to all members of the GSA UK – both individual and corporate members. Only 5 individuals from any given company can vote for any given nominee. This rule has been put in place to ensure fair representation of votes from a nominee’s employer or supplier/client. Nominees are actively encouraged to canvass members to vote for them and their manifestos, and the GSA UK will provide a list of all corporate members to all nominees to market to (though no individual contact details are shared).

The GSA UK will consistently call for voting throughout the open election period.


What you should put in your manifesto:

The "Open Manifesto" approach was introduced to ensure the GSA UK is driving initiatives that the membership values. The manifesto should be your proposed pledge of programme to deliver, set out over 400 words under the following headings:


  • Issue/s or challenge/s you are looking to address
  • Objectives
  • Proposed approach to address challenge /suggested activities
  • Target results

A manifesto can be very simple, for example, the Challenge can be that the industry does not have consensus on what constitutes real innovation. The objective therefore can be to define an industry recognised innovation framework. The approach can be to hold Special Interest Group SIG meetings on the subject to produce a formal document. In this example, the GSA UK’s Executive will attract delegates to join the SIG and will write the framework document and the Council representative’s role would be to help define the agendas, chair the meetings and then approve the document. 

Manifestos voted in previously have included:


  • Reshoring research
  • A vision for outsourcing 3.0
  • Research into win:win relationships and transparency
  • A collaboration platform
  • An APPG for outsourcing and shared services
  • Development of a risk methodology

Please feel free to be self-indulgent and develop manifestos to address your own challenges – as your challenges are likely to be similar to those of fellow members and therefore fulfil a key industry need. The voting will tell!


What you should put in your bio

Your bio should include information such as: relevant personal or professional circumstances; your current employer, experience and qualifications in strategic sourcing and in particular information which is relevant to the position you are submitting for.


Members will be interested in any previous involvement on other boards and previous involvement in the GSA UK. 


Please note that this should be no more than 250 words.

Please add a photo to make your submission more personable.




Please contact or call Kerry Hallard on 07774 690447.

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