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About the Global Sourcing Association

Who we are

The Global Sourcing Association is a social enterprise striving to make a difference and promote positive change across the technology and business services industry. Trusted by sourcing professionals for 35 years, the GSA is the consistent voice for the future of the industry and the professionals working within it; promoting sustainable and ethical sourcing to create a positive future for our businesses and our shared planet.

What we do

The GSA dedicates itself to encouraging partnership and collaboration across the sourcing industry to allow sourcing professionals to develop themselves and their teams to perform to the best of their ability.

Through best practice guides, engaging workshops, thought provoking events, consistent content, peer to peer roundtable discussions, networking across a passionate global community and professional development for all stages of career progression; the GSA is the beating heart of the sourcing community. The best performing companies have a strategic sourcing function; the GSA gives you the ability to perform better than ever before.

Our Vision

Our ambitious vision aims to redefine the role of sourcing in the global economy. We aim to create and promote a fairer, more inclusive, and more balanced sourcing ecosystem that motivates, excites and engages sourcing professionals, as well as providing them with the learning and development they need to succeed.




best practice

The GSA offers membership levels that suit the needs and budget of every organisation.

We offer a wide range of events serving those in the sourcing industry, from niche SIGs to our flagship GSA Symposium.

Develop your sourcing knowledge and skills while validating your professional competence by achieving an accredited professional qualification.

Sourcing works best when you are experienced. GSA Best Practice guides distil the knowledge of the collective experience of our industry into a handy format.

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