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SME Code of Conduct

  • Date:Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 2:00 pm
  • Venue:DLA Piper, 160 Aldersgate Street, London, EC1A 4HT

Event details

Start-ups are fast becoming the lifeblood of the sourcing eco-system and will revolutionise the sourcing industry

Start-ups in the sourcing eco-system are constantly growing in importance –they are now critical to the growth of the industry, but often unfairly treated. We need to address how the industry is hampering their development and challenge both buyers and larger providers to shape up and better collaborate for a more sustainable future. 

This working group event sets out to debate and define an industry code of conduct for how GSA members should engage with start-ups. We believe this should cover areas to include:

  • Clearer objectives
  • Working with a win:win mentality
  • Shorter and smaller RFP processes
  • Shorter contracts
  • Shorter payment terms
  • Realisitic due diligence
  • No unfair exclusivity arrangements
  • Dedicated relationship management for quick and open dialogue
  • Realistic and respectful of time
  • Speed of response
  • But we will also look at:

  • The Government’s approach to working with SME’s and new legislations such as fast payment terms and reporting on that.
  • Contracting with start-ups
  • Case Studies: include studies of a blended eco-system and how companies have successfully brought them in. Focus on the cultural changes they needed to make to enable this to happen.
  • The role of accelerators and incubators. How can the sourcing industry encourage more of this? Are they better than pure R&D?
  • Hints and tips on how to engage with start-ups and how to maximise value from them – but also the challenges of working with them to be mindful of. Feature innovation hubs, sandboxes, etc
  • If you are an SME, a start-up, an investor or a current or potential partner of start-ups then you have a vested interest in improving matters and should attend:

    This event will be Co-Chaired by:

    Kerry Hallard, CEO, GSA

    Imran Syed, Legal Director, DLA Piper

    The first in a series of working groups to reconsider the way of contracting.

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