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Strategic Sourcing Symposium

  • Date:Monday, November 18th 2019, 9:00 am
  • Venue:Eversheds Sutherland, 1 Wood St, London, EC2V 7WS

Event details

The GSA is delighted to announce the final line up for its “Strategic Sourcing Symposium: Sustainability drives agility and vice versa” being hosted at Eversheds Sutherland in the City on Monday 18 November. It’s set to be a fantastic day, packed full of fabulous speakers covering the breadth of all key topics impacting the strategic sourcing industry today. We’re personally delighted with the breadth of content we have managed to curate into one critical day.

This year’s Symposium is centred around the two hottest subjects in sourcing today: sustainability and agility. All businesses need to be sustainable in terms of both the future and their impact on their surrounding environments. And to be sustainable for the future in these most disruptive of times, it is paramount to be agile.

You are guaranteed quality and totally impartial content from your industry association. Not one single sponsored talk will take to the stage – instead informed opinion and insights from our expert membership community.

The Day will cover subjects to include:

  • The advent of the strategic sourcing function and how they are the weapon of choice for the best performing companies.
  • How the sourcing eco-system is changing and how due-diligence processes must change to embrace smaller players or miss out. The GSA thinks an industry code of conduct is overdue.
  • A sustainable business and an agile business needs a talented and happy workforce. We oft talk skills and upskilling, but the importance of wellness in the workplace is significantly increasing in importance. If you don’t demonstrate a commitment to wellness why on earth would any company want to partner with you? This is a major issue for service providers to get on board with, so we’re delighted to be joined by the Living Wage foundation who will detail their Recognised Service Providers Scheme.
  • The way of work is changing but this is not confined to taxi drivers and delivery folk. The gig economy is going to make huge in-roads to the way services are delivered – Concentrix is leading the way with its Solv platform - mind-blowing to think how many services could be delivered via gig workers anywhere in the world and what this means to traditional supply models.
  • But it’s not just the supply models that are changing – how you scope demand is being reinvented too, enabling significant savings across a company’s sourcing eco-system. Service providers beware – get changing or get going (out).
  • RPA / Intelligent automation – they deliver but have been hugely overhyped. The opportunity however is huge if deployments could get past the category level and move enterprise-wide. Professor Leslie Willcocks’ newly published book is full of research that confers just that. Leslie will share the opportunities and challenges for strategic automation and share a few of the cases that have made it successfully. Nokia being one such successful case study will share their journey on stage.
  • AI, IoT, cloud, ML and blockchain are all key sourcing techs that help companies drive agility – but they don’t come without their legal challenges – on the IP and employment sides.
  • Companies need to be agile, but how do you contract for agile when plates are spinning and gears shifting all around you. KPMG will share Coke’s successful approach.
  • To be sustainable – in both meanings of the word – companies must have assurance across their entire supply chains.

The Symposium is a must-attend event for professionals working across the industry: those on the buy-side; the supply-side and those supporting both sides of the sourcing equation - such as lawyers; advisers; consultants. 

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