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Automation within the Symposium

  • Date:Monday, November 18th 2019, 9:00 am
  • Venue:Eversheds Sutherland, 1 Wood St, London, EC2V 7WS

Event details

Driving agility and sustainability through enterprise-wide automation

We are running two exciting sessions on automation within the Symposium and thanks to Symphony Ventures have 80 copies of “Becoming Strategic with Robotic Process Automation” to give away, authored by Professor Leslie Willcocks of the London School of Economics and Political Science  – on a first come first served basis.

The GSA’s view is that although RPA delivers, it’s too often stuck at the category level. We also believe that the terminology of bots and robotics is all wrong, and referring to robots and using images of robots is devaluing this space and holding it back. And the fact that not all bots are born equal, i.e. they are different dependent on software, is highly confusing.

As such we have:

  • Leslie keynoting on the results of automation technologies so far and insights from the few leaders
  • Nokia and Symphony sharing their successful journey to automating more than 100 processes
  • The Big Bot debate – should we as an industry stop referring to robots when we talk automation technologies??

This will be debated by:

  • James Johnson, Symphony Ventures
  • Terry Walby, Thoughtonomy
  • Mike Havard, Ember Group
  • Professor Leslie Willcocks, LSE
  • Durvesh Ganveer, NTT Data
  • Kerry Hallard, GSA

Would love to have you and your colleagues / partners / clients join us at some or all of this.

Keynote Speech: Enterprise Wide Automation

Professor Leslie Willcocks, London School of Economics and Political Science

Despite exponential growth and massive potential, automation technologies, often dubbed AI, are getting mixed results so far. The session will give a progress report on how robotic process automation, cognitive automation and AI are being deployed, and with what results. Then drawing on the LSE case database of over 450 deployments, and his new book ‘Becoming Strategic with Robotic Process Automation, Leslie focuses on the relatively few leaders gaining superior business value from, in particular, RPA and cognitive technologies. He identifies the distinctive leading practices of front-runners and a total value of ownership (TVO) framework to drive out value across the automation technology life cycle.

Nokia: Challenges of getting to enterprise-wide automation – a case in point

Sven Köhler, Head of Digital Centre of Excellence, Nokia and Andy Appleby, Vice President and Major Account Lead, Symphony Ventures

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