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Following Quantum Plus's fantastic achievment, we asked them for a short interview:


1. Company Description

We are transforming sourcing. Our expertise-driven thought-leadership delivers your desired outcomes for your business using proven advisory services. We put you first. Our pedigree since 1999 shows how we commit to our clients, bringing challenging and impartial advice that transforms your business operations. We are courageous. Our coaching is our unique difference. We are not afraid to break norms to help you generate exceptional and sustainable results.


2. Company size – turnover and number of employees

£1,674,282 (2017) turnover / team of 39.


3. What was your company’s biggest achievement in the last 12 months?

Redefining Quantum Plus in a fresh, exiting, new approach with a startup mentality and winning substantial business as a result.  


4. What are the biggest challenges the outsourcing industry is facing this year (2018)?

Redefining the advisory market from advice to leadership in a world of rapid and constant change. Traditional processes are simply not relevant. 


5. If you had a magic wand for sourcing, what would you ask it to do?

Put our desired outcomes methodology in at the start of every deal - defining the future and designing solutions to achieve that future is a simple, yet powerful tool.

The Global Sourcing Association
The Home of the Global Sourcing Standard