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23rd March 2021 - Strategic Automation 

Companies need to stop wasting millions of their automation pounds on proof of concept and adhoc approaches to automation. Research shows that those bold enough to put automation front and centre are winning in their field. Learn from industry evangelists and practitioners alike.

22nd March 2021 - Service Provider 3.0

After 25 years, global delivery models are overdue a refresh. We were slowly moving to Service Provider 2.0, but now are leapfrogging straight to Service Provider 3.0 as the industry juggles numerous disruptors hitting it at once.

16th March 2021 - Hot Topics IR35 & ESG

Our speakers cover current legal hot topics of the sourcing industry, including how IR35 and the Uber Ruling will affect the gig economy, the recent dramatic changes to TUPE, and contracting for Environmental Social and Governance (ESG)

16th March 2021 - ESG

ESG - Rebecca Perlman

16th March 2021 - TUPE

TUPE - Mark Hammerton

16th March 2021 - Uber

Uber - Mark Hammerton

16th March 2021 - IR35

IR35 - Sophie White

11th March 2021 - Great Gig CX

There is much confusion about what gig really is and what it means for CX. There is no clear definition and no framework for what good GigCX looks like. Is Gig the future of CXM?

10th March 2021- Best Practice for EXIT

The GSA relaunched its Best Practice Guide for Exit, as unbelievably, too many sourcing arrangements are entered without an exit clearly defined. This session will set out the importance of a good exit for both parties and how to’s.


9th March - Driving Innovation Through Tech 

Technology trends are reshaping businesses, markets, and entire economies. Are you making the most of the tech available to you, to drive innovation within your business? Is there more you can do? As a business, it’s important to continually drive innovation to stay ahead of competitors, whether you’re a big player or a start-up. Our speakers share their journeys in using tech to drive innovation within business.

9th March - Contracting Principles

Standard contracts are a thing of the past. Contracting models are overdue a refresh. A contract should mean win/win for all parties. Are we doing contracts ‘right’? 

24th February - Tech for Good

With the increasing focus on ethics within our industry, today's customers expect businesses to deliver positive social, environmental and financial outcomes.

23rd February - Analyst Tech Panel

We take a look at new tech coming down the line for 2021 and beyond, what tech businesses should be aware of and what should be on board level agendas going forward? The GSA has bought together the best tech analysts to have a frank discussion on the selling of snake oil and if there has been a level of overhyping for particular new technologies.

11th February - Employee Engagement

We share the results of the GSA 2020 Wellness Survey and how Teleperformance have strived to keep employees engaged throughout the move to remote working to receive the Great Place to Work award last year. Lisa Dolan, Director of Employee Engagement and Teleperformance team members tell their stories on mental health, engagement and being your authentic self.

11th February - Women in Sourcing

Has the move to remote working had a detrimental effect on Women’s mental health? Have we undone years of progression towards gender equality? Our powerhouse panel of phenomenal females share their stories of challenges throughout their career and share how they are bringing more women into the tech world.

10th February - Supplier Diversity 

There is currently no best practice in the UK for Supplier Diversity. We are launching the Council for Supplier Diversity UK (SDUK), a group of professionals wanting to make change in the supplier diversity space and create best practice for the industry.

9th February - Mental Health in the Workplace

A mental health crisis is upon us. Mental Health should be a consideration across all sectors and become a priority in business agendas. There’s so much more to be done when it comes to building psychologically safe cultures where people can remain in work and thrive despite experiencing mental ill health. 

9th February - The Festival of Sourcing Kick Off

We’ll set out the GSA’s programme of work for the year ahead and discuss all the topics impacting our industry today including the future of CRM, the role of open talent and gig, new contracting principles, how to make automation strategic, the need to stop selling snake oil, the importance of supplier diversity and the essential need to focus on our people.

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