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Sourcing is an integral part of today’s business world and professional outsourcers are in demand.  However, most who are in outsourcing roles have never been trained on how best to manage or lead outsourcing. They have usually learned 'on the job'. Given the significance of sourcing activities in many organisations this is a major risk.


For those who want to undergo training with the GSA-UK, we also offer the option of getting qualified.


This gives reassurance to:


Students: that they are working to the latest best practice and improving their career prospect is


Employers: that individuals with a GSA-UK qualification have practical expertise in osourcing


End users: that suppliers with GSA-UK qualified professionals in their team have/are committed to excellence in sourcing practice


Suppliers: GSA-UK qualified professionals on the team enhance your proposition and help to differentiate you in an increasingly competitive marketplace as well as giving you confidence that your team members are delivering to best practice – efficiently and effectively.


GSA-UK qualifications help professionals gain recognition as leaders in their field by developing skills and promoting best practice, which relates to studies in their workplace.


All courses are designed with your business in mind, as you identify work-based sourcing problems to increase the standards of your sourcing practice, governance and management.  


The GSA Diploma programme is designed for experienced sourcing professionals and is the GSA’s most advanced professional development programme. It uses a work based learning format, which means that learners can structure their learning around work activities and projects. It builds on the principle that much of what professionals learn is in fact ‘on the job’ and that this learning needs to be captured so that it more effectively improves the future practice of the individual and others. The value for many professionals is that it is focused on the work they are doing day to day so their limited time is being used very efficiently to both deliver to projects demands whilst also developing their professionals skills. As much of it is self managed it also provides a considerable degree of flexibility to allow for the programme requirements to be more easily fitted around work demands.


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The Global Sourcing Association
The Home of the Global Sourcing Standard