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Whether you are looking for a one-off executive masterclass on the strategic implications of outsourcing, a year-long programme of professional development for your sourcing professionals, or accredit your own in-house programmes to GSA-UK qualifications, the GSA-UK can develop a programme bespoke to you and deliver it at your offices.

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Distance Learning

Currently, our Gateway qualification is our only online course. We are however planning to put all our courses online in the near future. Please register your interest in online outsourcing courses.


The distance learning model is available for all our courses for overseas students and those who prefer the distance learning format. Materials and workbooks are provided for all students supported by remote access to tutors – online and on phones. Feedback is provided on papers submitted.

Evidence of Work Based Learning (EWBL) papers need to be submitted for assessment for GSA-UK qualifications. The level of qualification depends on the number of workbooks and EWBL completed, in the following breakdown:


Two workbooks and one piece of EWBL: GSA-UK Foundation Certificate


Four workbooks and three pieces of EWBL: GSA-UK Professional Certificate (allowing students to add CertGSA after their name)

Workbooks contain a number of exercises that ask the learner to consider some key sourcing questions. The exercises encourage students to think in some depth about the challenges of outsourcing and to reflect on how sourcing practice might be improved in their own organisations. Work Based Learning papers ask the learner to relate their study to their place of work, and consist of about 3500 words.


Open Workshops

All our outsourcing workshops can be taken individually or as a full series. You can book on one and then extend it to take one more or even all four.

We also publish a calendar of business and management courses for individuals.


Our Diploma programme has a minimum of 2 cohorts running each year – one starting in the spring the other in the Autumn. Students on the Diploma programme attend 3 dedicated Diploma workshops slanted towards a more senior level of outsourcing.


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