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We are delighted to share our Transformational Roadmap to Global Sourcing Excellence, a programme carefully designed to help our members make sense of the rapid changes taking place in the industry.


 As 2017 marks the 30th birthday of the Global Sourcing Association, in recognition of this significant milestone we have put together a year-long programme of special events and activities alongside our roadmap, so that we can celebrate the occasion with our members.


We have new membership packages that integrate the full portfolio of GSA offerings that you may not know we offer! If you would like to know more about the various membership packages, please get in touch.


We are also seeking to work with a select number of strategic partner members to collaborate with on the development and implementation of these programmes throughout 2017. If you are interested in aligning your organisation to play a leading role in any of these programmes then please do let me know.


Our roadmap incorporates the following main themes:


  • Strategic Sourcing: getting the model or blend of models right
  • The Future of Work
  • The Perfect Service Arrangement
  • The Customer-First Digital Organisation
  • Automation in Practice
  • FinTech to FabTech
  • The GSA Social Inclusion Charter
  • Doing sourcing right: Best practice and standards to steer excellence as the industry rapidly evolves.


Our roadmap offers all 460 of our corporate members a dynamic and significant programme of thought leadership content and currently a calendar of at least 70 events.


“A Transformational Roadmap to Global Sourcing Excellence”

Strategic Sourcing: getting the model or blend of models right

As the rebrand clearly conveys, we don’t just focus on outsourcing, we equally cove

r best practices and user references in shared services and global business services. We view automation as a form of sourcing strategy. We also see it as our responsibility to help those members who choose to insource, to do it well. Our 2017 programme will cover the trends across all sourcing business models, covering subjects as broad as strategic leadership through to outcome-based pricing.


The Future of Work

There has long been a war for talent in the sourcing industry and this is compounded by the current skills crisis. Highly transactional task-based jobs are being automated at a rate of knots, displacing lower skilled workers. Traditional account management, business process and technology skills are rapidly being superseded with high demand for a new skillset of design thinking, data analysis, customer centricity, digital transformation. Buyers and service providers alike are struggling to upskill their people quickly enough. We will not only research the skills of the future and develop guides on the competencies and capabilities frameworks for the future, but will also look at how organisations best blend digital labour into their employee bases and deploy alternative employment models such as home agents.


The Perfect Service Arrangement

The outsourcing world largely enjoyed a harmonious existence of long term client – service provider relationships for the last 30 years. That has now turned completely on its head. The world is being disrupted. Outsourcing models have been disrupted. The traditional client - service provider relationship has given way to a new collaborative ecosystem of partners competing and collaborating with each other. Contracts are shorter, as are notice periods and are most likely to be based on outcomes. Time and resource models are largely defunct. We will be holding a series of roundtables on what does the perfect service arrangement of the future look like, investigating areas such as contracting for outcomes, collaborative models, the use of JVs and JCs and blending insourcing, outsourcing and automation.


The Customer-First Digital Organisation

Delivering customer centricity in a digital environment is the holy-grail for most companies. Digital disrupters are stealing significant market share from bricks and mortar businesses who are encumbered with burdensome legacy systems and inflexible provider agreements, and cannot change quickly enough to meet fast evolving customer demands. We will be reviewing digital transformations, how to transition from legacy, use of Cloud and big data, how to evolve provider relationships and how to develop a customer first digital strategy. This programme will include work being done by HfS Research on the One Office™: front and back office convergence.


Automation in Practice

Robotic Process Automation fed into a perfect storm for the industry, with predictions of 30% job losses at the transactional process level within merely a couple of years. We will of course continue to focus on automation strategies, the technologies available, but more so on the use of automation in practice. We have set up an RPA User Group for regular meetings to discuss the trials and tribulations of automation in practice and will be building a repository of success stories. We will of course also look at the applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence and the art of the possible with these exciting new technologies.


FinTech to FabTech

New technologies are exploding onto the scene every day and members are struggling to keep up with what and who is out there. We aim to help our members understand all the new game changing technologies such as Blockchain, and to spot the exciting new innovations as they happen. We are running a weekly “Focus On” showcasing one astounding new technology each week and we will be guiding members how to maximise these new technologies as innovations originally designed for the financial markets make a positive impact mainstream.


The GSA Social Inclusion Charter

We have kicked off our Women in Sourcing campaign in the UK and globally. But our social Inclusion Charter goes much broader than looking at gender equality. It covers all aspects of social inclusion and corporate social responsibility and demonstrates the ethics within the global sourcing industry as well as its desire to give back. This programme covers everything from Impact Sourcing, through to the Industry Code of Conduct and running Hackathons to find solutions for significant global social challenges.


Doing sourcing right: Best practice and standards as the industry rapidly evolves

The GSA rebrand coincided with the launch of the Global Sourcing Standard – the biggest body of work we have undertaken to date, resulting in the only global unified view of best practice that both buyers and service providers can align themselves to. We will be running a programme of sharing best practice across all stages of the sourcing lifecycle model and promoting the case studies from organisations who have undertaken the accreditation programme and highlighted their main areas of learning. We will run a series of best practice events and publish guides. An update to our outsourcing satisfaction barometer will also be published and areas of current frustration revealed. 


The Global Sourcing Association
The Home of the Global Sourcing Standard