• 4 Apr 2022 2:50 PM | Federica Baffa (Administrator)

    Ahead of the government’s reply to its late 2021 consultation about proposed post-Brexit reforms to the data protection regime, TechUK has published a paper declaring six data governance principles.

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  • 4 Apr 2022 2:46 PM | Federica Baffa (Administrator)

    Australian IoT technology provider X2M Connect has been making headway in key Asian markets, where sustainability and air and water quality are gaining more attention.

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  • 4 Apr 2022 2:42 PM | Federica Baffa (Administrator)

    Accenture has made a strategic investment through its venture capital arm in Inrupt, the Tim Berners-Lee co-founded startup focused on putting individuals back in control of their data. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. 

    Established in 2017, US-HQ’d Inrupt has developed Solid, a web-based privacy platform which seeks to change the current model where users have to hand over personal data to digital giants in exchange for perceived value.

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  • 4 Apr 2022 2:35 PM | Federica Baffa (Administrator)

    A familiar face is joining CGI’s UK Executive in a newly created role. Mattie Yeta will join as Head of Sustainability, IT, reporting into CGI’s President, UK & Australia, Tara McGeehan. According to the announcement, Yeta will work with CGI members to achieve common sustainability goals. 

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  • 25 Mar 2022 4:36 PM | Federica Baffa (Administrator)

    Organisations in India will need to invest more in cloud security, gain more visibility into their systems and improve security awareness among employees to fend off cyber attacks.

    Like organisations in other parts of the world, organisations across India have been grappling with cyber threats brought about by the growing adoption of the internet of things (IoT), cloud applications, digital supply chains and remote work.

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  • 25 Mar 2022 4:26 PM | Federica Baffa (Administrator)

    Mizuho Financial Group is working with Google to transform its operations to keep pace with changing customer demand and repair reputational damage caused by IT-related shortfalls.

    Through the deal, the bank’s systems will be modernised to make them more agile and secure. The company’s corporate culture will also be transformed by adopting Google’s approach to product development and problem solving, which it hopes will attract top talent.

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  • 25 Mar 2022 4:22 PM | Federica Baffa (Administrator)

    Scottish digital technology services firm Incremental Group has been acquired by Spanish-owned Telefonica Tech in a deal worth up to £175m. 

    The Glasgow-based company operates in the data analytics market and is a Microsoft partner. Telefonica Tech said the acquisition strengthened its capabilities and presence in IT services in the UK and Ireland.

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  • 25 Mar 2022 4:11 PM | Federica Baffa (Administrator)

    Finding a safe route out of Ukraine is not easy. 

    So how do people actually find safe passage out of the country? One way is via transport arranged by dozens of volunteers based thousands of miles away, who liaise with fellow volunteers in Ukraine.

    They, in turn, send information in real-time about safe roads to drivers who can rescue busloads of people. In other words, they are crowdsourcing safe passage out of a war zone.

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  • 25 Mar 2022 11:05 AM | Federica Baffa (Administrator)

    The global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry is projected to reach US$215.9 Billion by 2026 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.2% between the next four years.

    According to a new market study by market research company Global Industry Analysts (GIA), this rapid increase is attributed to the growing desire of global businesses to rationalize costs and address issues such as shortage of skilled personnel.

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  • 25 Mar 2022 10:55 AM | Federica Baffa (Administrator)

    Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) consulting services provider Impact SourcingCX was recently launched to provide solutions for clients in the United States.

    Impact SourcingCX founder and CEO Stuart Discount explained that he created the company to offer “access to business process outsourcing in parts of the world where we can provide desperately needed social and economic impacts.” 

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