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  • 27 Oct 2023 8:45 AM | Shivani Kaura (Administrator)

    NMSDC finds that companies with diverse supplier bases show 133% greater return on procurement investments.

    Investing in supplier diversity programs can also impact a company’s talent recruitment and retention. In a survey conducted by Hootology on behalf of UPS, 52% of respondents said they consider a company’s supplier diversity and inclusion programs when seeking employment.

    Corporate leaders with diverse supplier bases, like Microsoft, Target, and UPS, have more efficient procurement processes and higher supplier retention rates.

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  • 27 Oct 2023 8:30 AM | Shivani Kaura (Administrator)

    It’s the ninth year that Teleperformance has led the CXM PEAK Matrix by Everest Group, an independent research firm focused on strategic IT, engineering services, business services and sourcing.

    In positioning Teleperformance a global leader in CXM services, Everest Group cited the Company’s strengths including its global size and scale which allow it to serve most major industries in more than 300 languages and dialects; its variety of as-a-service models to support clients with hiring and onboarding, operational efficiency and productivity improvement; and Teleperformance’s proprietary generative AI platform.

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  • 27 Oct 2023 8:26 AM | Shivani Kaura (Administrator)

    KPMG UK has announced it will combine its Consulting and Deal Advisory arms to create a new practice called Advisory.

    The combined business simplifies the firm’s organisational structure and better meets KPMG UK’s client needs with an ‘end-to-end’ service under one roof.

    The combination is already working successfully in other KPMG member firms and aligns to KPMG’s multi-disciplinary model, enabling its people to access greater professional development and broader experience. The new Advisory business will be led by Lisa Fernihough and will start serving existing and new clients from 1 January 2024.

  • 24 Oct 2023 11:32 AM | Shivani Kaura (Administrator)

    The arrival of user-friendly large language models has shoved the possibilities of generative AI firmly into the public consciousness.

    These capabilities have led some analysts to predict an annual 27% growth rate for AI over the next ten years.

    But even their biggest fans would have to admit that these applications are not perfect.

    "Computers can do many things way faster than humans, but in this case the state of the art is slow," says Jonathan Ellis, CTO and cofounder of DataStax.

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  • 24 Oct 2023 10:01 AM | Shivani Kaura (Administrator)

    Sopra Steria is set to fully acquire SSCL, making it a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group. The purchase price is £82.3m in cash (not far off half of the £200m extra investment that the Government, a few weeks ago, committed to the NHS this winter). So, on top of the savings already realised by UK Government due to back-office improvements (in excess of £750m), there will now be an extra boost to the public purse. For Sopra Steria, SSCL will be “accretive to (the company’s) net result and EPS from Day 1”.

    Over the last ten years, SSCL has grown substantially both in terms of customers served and the services on offer. The JV’s foundation customers were DWP, Defra, Cabinet Office, and the Environment Agency

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  • 23 Oct 2023 8:47 AM | Shivani Kaura (Administrator)

    There are several key trends in customer care BPO technology. One is the move towards more integrated and automated systems. This means that companies are using more software to automate tasks and to manage customer interactions. This can help to improve efficiency and to reduce costs.

    The Customer Care BPO Market report includes players such as Alorica Inc, Foundever Operating Corp, Simply Contact International, Webhelp Inc, Telus International Cda Inc, Arvato, Sykes Enterprises, West Corporation, Infosys BPM, and Concentrix Corp.

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  • 23 Oct 2023 8:33 AM | Shivani Kaura (Administrator)

    More than nine in ten respondents say that ESG subjects are on their organization’s agenda. While environmental topics are recently the ones making headlines, just one-third of respondents rank environmental issues as their organization’s greatest ESG priority.

    Survey respondents report that their organizations are not just paying lip service to ESG: many say their organizations are making meaningful ESG changes that have demonstrable benefits. More than two-thirds of respondents say their organizations have achieved broad impact from their ESG efforts in the past three years.

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  • 23 Oct 2023 8:22 AM | Shivani Kaura (Administrator)

    Brazilian IT multinational Stefanini projects investments of 1bn reais (US$200mn) over the next three years, concentrated on AI development and acquisitions.

    Generative "AI is revolutionizing the market,” CEO and founder Marco Stefanini told reporters on Friday.

    Stefanini, which competes in services with the likes of Accenture and TCS, is partnering with big techs such as Microsoft on genAI products. Amazon, IBM, Google, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, Siemens and Honeywell are some of its other traditional tech partners.

  • 19 Oct 2023 2:43 PM | Shivani Kaura (Administrator)

    Organisations are turning to supplier diversity programmes to enhance their brand image, a new study shows.

    The study – the State of Supplier Diversity 2023 – is from, an SaaS-based data analytics provider that helps companies optimise and scale supplier diversity programs.

    It claims that the business value of supplier diversity remains “strong and broad”, with companies investing in supplier diversity to enhance their brand image (53% of respondents), win new business (46%) and to align with corporate culture and workforce inclusiveness (81%).

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  • 19 Oct 2023 2:29 PM | Shivani Kaura (Administrator)

    Leading supply chain ESG assurance specialist LRQA has launched a sustainability initiative based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals that is designed to help other businesses follow suit.

    LRQA consults on, and certifies, the ESG performances of global industries and their supply chains in a broad range of sectors.

    Its new initiative – Our Planet, Our Plan – outlines the company’s internal ESG commitments over the next seven years, using verifiable third-party data to substantiate its sustainability claims. Data is made transparent and accountable by an online dashboard that publicly tracks its performance.

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