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The GSA UK's Professional Awards are a set of accolades recognising talent in strategic sourcing, showcasing individuals and teams who make a big difference, but may remain largely unsung in the wider context of the global sourcing industry. The distinguished individuals and teams will be celebrated at our Awards Ceremony on 25th June, to be held at the Titanic Belfast.

The Categories for Award Submissions are:

Individual Categories 

1. Rising Star of the Year

2. Manager of the Year

3. Legal Advisor of the Year

4. Consultant of the Year

5. Automation Champion of the Year 

6. Digital Champion of the Year

7. Strategic Leader of the Year

8. GSA UK Student of the Year


Team Categories

9. Award for Excellence in Procurement

10. Award for Excellence in Relationship Management

11. Award for Excellence in Transformation

12. Award for Excellence in Outsourced Customer Service

13. Award for Excellence in Business Process Outsourcing

14. Best Nearshore Team

15. Best Farshore Team

16. Best Shared Services Team

17. Award for Skills Development Programme of the Year


Northern Ireland Awards 

18. Talent Programme of the Year

19. Start Up of the Year

Reasons to submit:


How to enter:

Click here for complete details on award categories, submissions and entry rules. All entries must be received no later than 5pm on Friday 10th May 2019.

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