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The GSA offers a library of video content covering the end-to-end sourcing lifecycle. Videos can be consumed individually or as the full series, depending on your requirements. Each video has a question set included and completion of all videos and question sets results in the student being awarded the GSA Gateway. Our Gateway course has been designed to provide underpinning knowledge of the basic principles of strategic sourcing.

Each video is an investment of £95+VAT. You can view the outline of each course below and you are able purchase individual videos at the bottom of the page. Once you have made payment you will receive enrolment details within 24 hours. If you wish to complete the GSA Gateway or purchase multiple videos as a bundle deal please contact We also have consulting and coaching add on's alongside the videos.

If you have any questions drop an email to

Each video is priced at £95+VAT, though there are volume discounts available. To access these videos please contact:

Introduction to Governance (c. 40 mins)

  • Understand the issues people have with governance
  • Describe the value governance delivers
  • Explain the purpose of governance
  • Recognise what good governance looks like

Designing Governance Structures (c. 65 mins)

  • Why a well designed governance structure is important
  • The 3-level best practice model for designing a governance framework
  • The processes needed for governance to work successfully
  • Using segmentation to focus governance resources

The video includes a interview with a senior procurement practitioner who provides insights into practical challenges and approaches.

Supplier Selection (c. 55 mins)

  • Understand the need for a structured approach
  • Explain the aims of supplier selection
  • Describe the common tendering approaches
  • Recognise key success factors
  • Explain the tendering process and undertake supporting administrative tasks and run some tendering processes

Contracts and Commercial Models (c. 50 mins)

  • Explain the most common types of contract used in sourcing
  • Describe the structure of sourcing contracts and explain common sourcing contract terms
  • Identify common problem areas in sourcing contracts.
  • Explain common commercial models used in sourcing arrangements.

Introduction to Strategic Sourcing (c. 40 mins)

  • The importance of strategic sourcing
  • To recognise strategic sourcing in your organisation
  • The main strategic sourcing approaches
  • The reasons for and against outsourcing

Managing Risk in Strategic Sourcing (c. 65 mins)

  • Outline risk management core principles.
  • Identify the specific risk management challenges and requirements of strategic sourcing.
  • Recognise and analyse strategic sourcing risk.
  • Use common risk management tools and methods

Supplier Performance Management (c. 45 mins)

  • Explain performance management
  • Understand contractual obligations and expectations
  • Explain types of performance measures
  • Identify key deliverables
  • Review and challenge MI

Transition and Exit (c. 80 mins)

  • Identify transition drivers, challenges, risks and opportunities.
  • Recognise Exit issues
  • Prepare and plan for transition and exit.
  • Consider key contractual tools to facilitate exit and transition.
  • Design governance and resourcing and
  • Facilitate key transition and exit activities


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