Sourcing is an integral part of today’s business world and professional outsourcers are in demand.  However, most who are in sourcing roles have never been trained on how best to manage or lead strategic sourcing programmes. They have usually learned 'on the job'. Given the significance of sourcing activities in many organisations this is a major risk.

For those who want to undergo training with the GSA-UK, we also offer the option of getting qualified.

This gives reassurance to:

Students: that they are working to the latest best practice and improving their career prospects

Employers: that individuals with a GSA-UK qualification have practical expertise in stragtegic sourcing

Buyers: that providers with GSA-UK qualified professionals in their team have/are committed to excellence in sourcing practice

Providers: GSA-UK qualified professionals on the team enhance your proposition and help to differentiate you in an increasingly competitive marketplace as well as giving you confidence that your team members are delivering to best practice – efficiently and effectively

GSA-UK qualifications help professionals gain recognition as leaders in their field by developing skills and promoting best practice, with studies which relate to their workplace.

All qualifications have been designed with business in mind, as they are foucsed around the students identifying work-based sourcing problems ans help companies to increase the standards of their sourcing practice, governance and management.  

Below are the qualifications that are currently offered:

The Gateway – Introduction to the Essentials of Sourcing

This is an online course designed as an introduction to sourcing concepts and terminology. This will be of particular interest to those who are new to a sourcing role or who are impacted by sourcing in their jobs.

GSA Level 2 Award in Strategic Sourcing Excellence

The qualification is the first to provide a broad based standard for staff of  provider organisations who deliver the outsourced service for a client. Learners achieve the qualification standard by developing a portfolio of evidence from their work-based and learning activities.

GSA Foundation Certificate in Strategic Sourcing

This requires attendance at 2 one-day workshops and the submission of one paper describing work-based activities. It is assessed at level 4 and will be of particular interest to those for whom strategic sourcing is a major part of their role.

GSA Professional Certificate in Strategic Sourcing

This requires attendance at 4 one-day workshops and the submission of three papers describing work-based activities. It is assessed at level 4 and will be of particular interest to those for whom strategic sourcing is a major part of their role.

GSA Diploma in Strategic Sourcing


The GSA Diploma in Strategic Sourcing is the most cost-effective way to add significant depth to your knowledge base, substantially increasing the value you bring to your organisation.

The GSA Diploma in Strategic Sourcing has been designed for those who have a management or leadership role in sourcing related activities. Its self-managed, work-based format complements busy schedules and allows participants to focus their studies on areas that are of direct relevance to their own organisation and role.

Supported by experienced course tutors, this highly practical course, with an emphasis on real-world challenges and the need to identify where and how value can be added, is taught over 3 one-day workshops (with additional support online).

This is a level 7 (post graduate) qualification and requires submission of three papers describing real-world work-based research in strategic sourcing. This will be of interest to those who already have considerable experience in strategic sourcing and for those who are looking to earn an advanced qualification that will acknowledge their knowledge and experience in the field of strategic sourcing.

GSA Certificate in Robotic Process Automation

The industry’s first qualification for robotic process automation (RPA), helping middle and senior managers develop automation capabilities in the workplace. The certificate goes beyond tackling technical knowledge and studies the wider strategic thinking behind RPA initiatives. Participants will attend a two-day RPA focused workshop, following which they will develop a work-based portfolio of evidence based on what they’ve learned.

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