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    The Council for Supplier Diversity UK was established in February 2021 with the express aim of championing and promoting the benefits of diverse suppliers, whilst also developing the best practice for managing diverse supplier programmes.

    It is abundantly clear that many organisations understand that having a diverse portfolio of suppliers is not only the right thing to do, but that it delivers real tangible business benefits. The issue however is that there is no clear best practice on how to build or manage supplier diversity in the UK and certainly no benchmark data of what a good diverse supply chain actually looks like.

    This Council has been set up to address those issues and offers a number of industry firsts with this truly game changing initiative, to include:

    • The Council is developing the first accessible and official framework offering guidance and support for implementing and managing supplier diversity across the UK
    • This Council represents all diversities
    • The Council has a focus on bringing both buyers and suppliers together in a unique corporate to corporate network
    • The Council is building and promoting supplier diversity best practice, running throughout the lifecycle of the arrangement from RFP to exit, underpinned by recognised industry best practice in sourcing
    • The Council is creating benchmark data to better understand what good supplier diversity looks like

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