Our Role

Role of the Council for Supplier Diversity UK is to promote both the importance of and best practice for diverse supply chains throughout the UK and to become a focal point for access and information across all diversities of supplier.

  • Our Objectives:

    To set out and consistently communicate a clear definition for supplier diversity

    To champion and promote the quantifiable benefits of supplier diversity

    To benefit UK-based organisations by developing and sharing best practice for building and maintaining supplier diversity throughout the entire sourcing lifecycle and embedding continuous improvement

    To serve as the focal point for information exchange across all diversities

    To create benchmark data for assessment of company performance to best practice in supplier diversity

    To set targets and report regularly on supplier diversity progress, working to a strong governance framework

    To campaign for the mandate that each request for proposal (RFP) includes supplier-diversity metrics

    The ultimate objective is for a clear supplier diversity framework to become policy

Please read our Terms of Reference for the detailed role and structure of the Council.

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