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GSA Membership Benefits

The benefits of membership are manifold and the inclusions in each category of membership are clearly articulated in the Membership Packages.

Collaborating with industry peers on the development of industry guidelines, frameworks and standards gives your team access to great peer to peer networking and insights, advance visibility of thought leadership and best practices, enabling your company to future-proof its activities and stay ahead of the game. Simultaneously, it aligns your brand with these positive industry developments, positioning it as an industry fore-runner.

Attending events drives ideas and dynamism through the business as well as foster old and make new acquaintances. And you can attend GSA events safe in the knowledge that you will not be sold to.

Speaking at GSA events or through our publications gives individuals and companies great brand visibility, aligned with critical industry issues, in doing so generating new opportunities for business success.

The GSA working groups – whether a member or a participant – gives access to a portfolio of highly valuable tools and frameworks

Bringing this to life with some of the GSA’s recent activities:

• Need to exit a relationship, then the GSA has recently released version 2 of its Exit Best Practice Guide (Members Eyes Only)

• GSA’s Contracting Workstream recently published GSA Standard Terms Framework Agreement for Professional and IT Services, which is housed in Clausify, a locked legal tech platform

• Learn what the rest of the industry is thinking or doing, with our super easy to digest SourcingTV interviews

• Keep ahead of the curve with advanced preview of Industry Predictions – across the UK and globally

• Understand what you need to be thinking about when encompassing Impact Sourcing into your activities with our Guiding Principles

• Upskill your team with our portfolio of qualifications or digest our best practice video content

• The Content at our Symposium and Festival of Sourcing are second to none

You can find out more information on our exciting offerings in our Join our Community presentation. 

Should you wish to have a chat on any aspects of the GSA membership please contact

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