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2012 SourcingFocus

A good time to buy or sell.pdf

As the high street slows, outsourcing grows.pdf

Awards 2011.pdf

Back to British.pdf

Business process outsourcing in 2011.pdf

Buy Buy Buy in 2012.pdf

Case Study- Centrica and EXL- collaboration in action.pdf

Cash strapped councils turn to innovative solutions.pdf

Cloud and outsourcing- Opportunity or Threat.pdf

Communications Outsourcing- Telcos bite back.pdf

Customer service- The Customer is King.pdf

Doing business. Doing good.pdf

End Users; What is it that they really, really want.pdf

Energising Outsourcing.pdf

Exit management.pdf

Government invest in training.pdf

Government review of TUPE.pdf

Helping the Government help itself.pdf

Human resource outsourcing and payout.pdf

Impact of consumerisation of IT on outsourcing.pdf

Infrastructure for a brighter future.pdf


IT skills and education- Deskilling Britain.pdf

Keep the scope broad and relationships tight.pdf

Knowledge process outsourcing.pdf

Legal process outsourcing.pdf

Making an acquisition work.pdf

Obama speaks the voters' language.pdf

Outsourcing HR Compliance.pdf

Outsourcing learning and development in 2012.pdf

Outsourcing relationships- the source of value.pdf

Pharmaceutical industry.pdf

Predictions for 2012.pdf

Professionalising the Industry.pdf

Public sector; share services like you mean it.pdf

Regulations and job losses are de rigeur.pdf

Review of 2011.pdf

Risk and Benefits of BPO.pdf

Spotlight on acquisitions in HRO.pdf

Telecom predictions for 2012.pdf


The Dominance of Mobile.pdf

The G-cloud One cloud to rule over all.pdf

The importance of being innovative.pdf

Training, Apprenticeships and Mentoring.pdf

Two's company- Proactive partnerships in innovation leadership.pdf

USA vs UK- The Offshoring Tea Party.pdf

Views from the top.pdf

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