As the principal ambassador of best practice and home of the Global Sourcing Standard, the Global Sourcing Association (GSA) is committed to promoting the highest standards of business practice, ethical behaviour and professional conduct.

The GSA’s Global Sourcing Industry Code of Conduct defines the minimum standards of professional and business behaviours expected from our members and sets the bar for the broader sourcing industry. But more than this, the Code sets out the clear intent for the sourcing industry to consistently work within an agreed framework of best practice, in order to improve and sustain the reputation of the industry and to attract the best professionals to work within it.

The Code sets out the standards and behaviours expected from employees and organisations that buy, supply and advise on sourcing and sourcing-related services.

The Global Sourcing Industry Code of Conduct guides sourcing professionals to high standards of ethical behaviour whilst differentiating members as industry leaders in sourcing best practice.

  • The industry code is comprised of two sets of guidelines:
  • The Sourcing Professional Code of Conduct (for individuals)

The Corporate Code of Practice

The GSA is also committed to supplier diversity and promoting best practice when engaging with diverse suppliers. As such the GSA has developed a code of conduct when working with smaller, diverse organisations.

SME Code of Conduct

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