GSA UK Symposium 2018

Day One - 21st November 2018 Sourcing Skills Showcase

The evolution and revolution of the sourcing profession has required practitioners to be agile and flexible to changing conditions. 

Day one of the GSA UK Symposium will equip you with the skills needed to maintain and improve upon your sourcing practice. The Sourcing Skills Showcase as part of the GSA UK Symposium and is being kindly hosted by Bristows LLP.

08:30 - Registration & Networking 

9:00 - Negotiations Skills Workshop The UK Sourcing market is arguably at it's most competitive. Suppliers and buyers are undertaking more due diligence and everyone is under pressure to extract maximum value from every deal and the only way to that is through efficient negotiation. Author and advisor, Hilary Gallo will lead an interactive workshop to ensure your sourcing can achieve it's maximum potential and will offer real life examples of how to improve your negotating.

12:30 - Lunch & Networking 

13:30 - Understanding the Standard The Global Strategic Sourcing Standard is the only best practice bible for the sourcing community. It has been reshaped for 2018 with new tools, additions and insights to help improve your sourcing. Hot off the press, the GSA will hold a workshop to help you understand the new version and gain insights as to why we need one and what it means to be accredited to the new version. 

17:00 - Close

18:00 - VIP Drinks

Day Two - 22nd November 2018 #ReshapingSourcing - Painting a bright future for sourcing

Day 2 of the GSA UK Symposium will reveal the findings from the #ReshapingSourcing programme that almost 100 of the top brands involved in strategic sourcing today. The five working groups will present their findings to the sourcing community and outline their plans to revolutionise strategic sourcing and future-proof the industry for the challenges of the future.

​8:30 - Registration & Networking 

9:00 - Welcome & Introductions Kerry Hallard, CEO of GSA UK and Jim Hemmington, GSA Chair will open the second day of the conference and update on what has been a challenging year for the association and for the UK Sourcing industry. They will also reveal the results from the 2018 Industry Satisfaction Barometer. Speakers - Kerry Hallard, CEO, GSA UK & Jim Hemmington, Director of Procurement, BBC

9:15 - The State of UK Sourcing Panel  - Sourcing has been in the mire and attacked by members of the public, parliament and media. The panelists will discuss the mood around sourcing and the potential for change in the future. With a look to the future and the results of #ReshapingSourcing, our panel of experts will give their view as to what has gone wrong and what can happen to alter the reputation of our industry. Panelist - Christopher Sood-Nicholls, Managing Director, Lloyds Banking GroupToby Crick, Partner, Bristows LLP & Trinley Walker, Senior Policy Researchers, New Loval Government Network

9:55 - #ReshapingSourcingNine months of research, sweat and tears have brought us to this moment. Representatives from each of the five working groups will present their findings and their call to arms for the industry to shape up and collaborate to fend off the challenges ahead! Each of the five working groups will present the outcome of their work and the next steps for our buoyant but troubled industry. 

10:00 - Proving Sourcing WorksOutsourcing is known to create value and improve standards in a multitude of industry’s but to the outside world it is a dirty word with connotations of job losses and a race to the lowest cost. Our first group has been setting out to change this.

10:15 - New Contracting ModelsSourcing is difficult, negotiating is difficult and when you have finally found a deal to suit all parties the long and arduous task of contracting takes over. We’ve set out to change this!This group will present the new GSA Standardised Contracting terms and also look at the future of contracting and the potential of contracting without a contract... 

10:35 - Demistifying TechTechnology is exploding and innovations are taking over the sourcing industry in such a way that can be baffling to non-tech people. Jargon can mask poor deals so we set out to cut through the lingo and make tech easier for non tech people! 

11:10 - Attracting & Upskilling TalentRobots are the future but are not the whole story, excellent people will still be needed but the lack of fresh blood into the sourcing industry is a huge concern. Attracting fresh talent is desperately needed to protect the future of the profession. 

11:25 - Networking 

11:55 - Where in the World?There may have been a political tilt away from globalisation but in sourcing, going global is often what we do best! This panel will discuss the virtues of each panellists delivery destination and lay out the benefits of offshoring for all to see. Chair - Elias can Herwaarden, EMEA Service Leader, Deloitte. Panelists - Keith Chalmers, Invest Northern Ireland, BPESA, IT Association of Ukraine

12:35 - Conclusion & Close 

13:00 - Lunch & Networking 


Saving Efficiencies Through Effective RPA 

The public sector is taking chance and making leaps into RPA. the rewards for the tax payer could be huge!

Digital Transformation

GSK dropped from being the 5th largest pharma company to the 9th in the last 3 years and needed to rapidly adapt to maintain relevance. To do this, GSK set out to revolutionise their procurement to become the fastest and easiest company to contract with disruptive start-ups to drive thought leadership and innovation, reducing the standard 24-week procurement lifecycle

Speakers: Kristyna Drysdale, Director Technology, GSK & Jasdeep Sandhu, Global Category Leader - Tech Innovation, GSK

Spotlight on: Retail

Sourcing supply chain resilience is the backbone of a succesful retail business. How can you ensure each relationship in the chain is nurtured and managed correctly?


Positive Partnering

Challenging your own procurement processes can mean a difficult period of introspection. Scottish Water went through this process to become more open and more collaborative with their incumbents and challengers. Through employing a truly, open tender process, they believe they have made innovative leaps to ensure incredible value for their customers and suppliers. Speaker - Nisarg Hirani, General Manager – Transformation

Tech for Non Tech People

An outcome from the Demistifying Tech working group. How can you source for tech if you aren't sure of it's true potential?

Inclusion and Diversity

Inclusion and Diversity is celebrated by the GSA! In this workshop you ​will inspiring stories of how to achieve great things and also ensure your organisation is open to all.

15:00 - Networking & Refreshments

15:30 - Forward Thinking: Developing the Perfect CXThe greatest danger to your business is providing a poor customer experience! this session will look at what can be provided for your customers and best practice tips to ensure your organisation is exceptional to do business with.

16:20 - Reshaping your Industry Association - ​A year of introspection for the industry has, understandably, lead to a period of contemplation for the industry association. Kerry will outline where we go from here. 

16:50 - Conclusion & Close

19:00 - GSA UK Awards 2018 - Full Details of the GSA 2018 Awards can be found here

00:00 - Carriages 





Keynote Speaker: Cyber Security and Cyber Threat

Dr Bray is Chief Information Officer of the United States Federal Communications Commission, and one of the top "24 Americans Who Are Changing the World" under 40 according to Business Insider. The FCC regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. It is an independent U.S. government agency overseen by the US Congress. 

Monitoring and securing the cyber-threat should always be one of the major components of any organisation’s information security plan. Dr Bray will share his own perspective on the threat being posed to businesses, together with the preventative measures you should be taking to ensure your systems and people remain constantly protected. 




Trusting a Vision

Anurag Srivastava is a member of the Global Sourcing team and assists clients on topics related to location optimization, benchmarking, and global service delivery strategy. Anurag’s responsibilities include leading Everest Group’s Location Insider subscription offering. Recent work includes assisting a large financial services firm in their global service delivery strategy, a report on global talent hotspots for delivery of Digital services (analytics, cloud, mobility, social media, IoT, automation), and helping a large natural resources firm in benchmarking its global services portfolio with select peers.

Prior to joining Everest Group, Anurag was a Manager with Evalueserve. 

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.




A New Horizon

Eric Simonson has more than 10 years of sourcing strategy and global services industry analysis expertise, first as a consultant and then in ongoing management of Everest Group’s research practice. His overarching goal is to ensure enterprises, service providers, and investors have the combination of fact- and experience-based insight they require to make informed, actionable, impactful, and value-generating global services decisions.




The Evolution of Shared Services and Global Business Services (GBS)

Simona is currently managing the global multi-functional shared services for one of the largest Coca-Cola bottling companies in the world. She leads the shared services transition and Finance transformation projects team, as well as a 650 people operational team that provides Finance, Procurement, HR and Master Data Management services to 28 country operations and head-offices across 3 continents.  

Their aim is to support company growth strategy by driving profits through efficiency, providing customer centric business services and building a strong talent pipeline. Her background includes FMCG and technology companies, HR and LSS executive leadership roles across 10 countries. Simona holds an Executive MBA from CEU (Central European University) and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt qualification.





Shawn Sullivan joined Airbnb in 2016 and serves as the public policy lead for Central America and the Caribbean. He represents the company’s interests before governments, regulatory agencies and other stakeholders on issues related to taxes, regulations and other matters. Prior to joining Airbnb, Sullivan worked as an international government relations consultant based in Washington D.C. and as the Latin America regional director for an international non-profit organization. He spent more than a decade serving as an American diplomat in Latin America, Africa and the Balkans. Sullivan holds an MA from the University of New Mexico and a BA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is fluent Spanish and Portuguese.


Strategic Supplier Segmentation

David is a Procurement Director for Microsoft based in the UK but with a global remit. He has been at Microsoft for 16 years in a variety of roles, including Account Management and Support Consulting Practice Lead. 10 years ago, he moved into Procurement and has enjoyed several positions leading the procurement activities for Microsoft’s contact centre outsourcing needs (18000+ agents supporting 40+ languages). David’s current role is to lead the Supplier strategy for Contact Centres as well as driving some of Microsoft’s CSR activities around Impact Sourcing and Community Technology Centres.




Digital OneOffice

Phil Fersht is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of leading global analyst authority for the services industry, HfS Research. He is an acclaimed author, analyst and visionary in Global Business Services and Outsourcing, the Digital Transformation of enterprise operations and talent strategies. Fersht coined the term "The As-a-Service Economy" which is HfS Research's vision for the future of the global services and outsourcing industry and has become widely adopted by the global services industry.

Fersht founded HfS Research in 2010 and has masterminded the development of the HfS organization as a leading analyst for the firm, in addition to steering the business operations. He is also author and creator of the most widely-read and acclaimed blog in the global services industry, entitled “Horses for Sources” and now entering its ninth year, attracting over a million visits per year across the globe. At HfS, he directs the firm’s research, advisory and global knowledge community, which today totals over 100,000 professionals and is served by a respected global analyst team.



A Clear Opportunity to be a Pioneer

Olivier Renoult has been with Société Générale Corporate and investment Banking since 2001. Based in London, he is the Oversight Leader for EMEA, as such he is supervising operationally and contractually the key activities that have been outsourced or off shored as well as managing the relationship with Business Process Outsourcers (BPOs) located in Bangalore and Chennai.

Prior to joining UK, Olivier spend several years in Paris HQ managing back offices department on OTC equity derivatives activities and worked as a financial engineer in charge of Counterpart/Country risk exposure for debt and finance then relocated to Hong Kong to manage the post trade Client Support Unit for Asia Pacific activities on Structured Products with a functional management of the Client Services team in Tokyo.





The Pilot and the Crew

David Wyer has significant practical experience, gained over 12 years in public and private sector, of developing and leading areas of contract, commercial and supplier management . David has held a variety of roles including; Programme Manager, Head of Technology Sourcing and Supplier Management, Head of Vendor Management Organisation and Head of SRM; in that time he has led programmes mandated to delivery Procurement transformation, re-procurement of business process outsourcing, outsourcing technology services, and has designed, established and led a retained organisation in a multi-sourced environment. He is qualified as a commercial mediator with CEDR, and is currently Head of Supplier Relationship Management at the BBC, his role now is to establish a structured programme to build on existing expertise and strengthen commercial management across the organisation.




The Wealthy Mind

Bill Butler is a Senior Commercial Analyst at the BBC working for the SRM team within the Procurement department. He is responsible for the BBC’s portfolio of strategic contracts (STaR contracts). His current focus is on supplier segmentation, the introduction of a BBC-wide life cycle model and enhancing the application of SRM best practice within the organisation.

He has worked for the BBC for over 20 years but is relatively new to the world of outsourcing, having spent only six years in Procurement. Prior to this he worked for content making areas within the BBC in scheduling and logistics roles before making the move to Corporate Finance after completing a BBC sponsored MBA.

Bill has recently completed a diploma in strategic outsourcing from the GSA and Middlesex University and has used much of the theoretical knowledge and information picked up on the course to inform his current programme of work.



A New Frontier for the Industry

Elias heads-up Global Location Strategies, Deloitte’s EMEA centre of excellence for corporate site selection and foreign direct investment services.

He has 27 years’ experience in business strategy, site selection, corporate real estate and footprint optimization. During this period, he worked with over 550 companies, setting-up and restructuring operations in 44 countries worldwide.

Since 2001, he assessed both upcoming as well-established near-shore and off-shore service destinations, leading sourcing projects for over 100 Shared Services/Global Business Services organisations.

Elias regularly speaks on topics pertaining to global strategy, outsourcing, offshoring, future trends and foreign direct investment.

He is part of Deloitte’s Shared Services leadership team and lectures on International Business Strategy, Offshoring and Outsourcing at KU Leuven University and at Brussels University College.



A Focus on Fundamentals

Lyubomira is leading ScaleFocus’ operations, business and expansion in the UK. With over 11 years of international experience in the IT industry (solution and product development, data management, system integration and professional services), she is committed to fostering customer engagements built on trust and integrity. Holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) and a Bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations (University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria).




In the Spotlight

Mr. Ken Poonoosamy is the Managing Director of the Board of Investment, the national investment promotion agency of Mauritius, since September 2011. He has been instrumental in fostering dynamic networking among all public and private institutions. Mr. Poonoosamy distinguished himself by his dedication, professionalism and leadership at the head of various departments within the Board of Investment. He has diligently applied his exposure to international best practices for the branding of Mauritius as a well-regulated, transparent and competitive business hub. He is now steering BOI to be a dynamic fourth generation investment promotion agency, driven by increased efficiency and focus on quality investment.




The Tools to Inspire Innovation

Chris, previously Managing Director at True North, GSA's training and professional development partner, has also joined the executive team as Director of Global Standards. Chris is responsible for spearheading GSA's qualifications and accreditations programmes, as the GSA continues its focus as a professional body.



A Game Changer

Leslie Willcocks is Professor in Technology Work and Globalization and Director of the Outsourcing Unit at  London School of Economics and Political Science. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Information Technology.  Leslie has  a global reputation for his work in outsourcing, global strategy, organizational change and managing digital business. He has researched, educated and advised major corporations and governments globally on these issues for 25 years, and is co-author of 40 books and over 230 refereed journal papers on these subjects. 





The Future of Work

Keir is an experienced Client and Operations leader, with wide ranging business competencies, developed over many years in the Outsourcing industry.  His experiences of operating across both global and boutique organisations, alongside globally recognised Client brands, have helped develop a broad and objective perspective on how talent acquisition, development and management can be adapted to embrace the rapidly changing workplace.  


A Disrupted Landscape

Mr. Avinash Vashistha is Global Chairman and CEO of Tholons and Co-founder of MySpaces – The leading Co-Work | Co-Innovate | Co-Invest firm. He is the former Chairman and CEO of Accenture. Avinash is a highly accomplished, results oriented Chief Executive and Venture Capitalist with 30+ years of experience in CEO / Board level Strategy consulting, Venture Capital, Digital Transformation and Innovation. 

Avinash has an exceptional network and relationships with top 1000 Chairman/CEOs, Bureaucrats, Ministers and policy makers across USA, Europe/UK, Asia and Latin America. He is a known Thought Leader in the industry and co-authored the book “The Offshore Nation”. He has worked with over 500 Global Fortune clients.



An Industry Transformed

Kerry Hallard is the President of the Global Sourcing Association and CEO of the Global Sourcing Association UK. Kerry previously held the titles of CEO of the National Outsourcing Association and Director of the European Outsourcing Association and recently led the organisations’ highly successful global rebrand. 

Kerry’s focus is on growing the reach and the positive reputation of the sourcing industry globally, through the development and dissemination of standards and qualifications. Kerry recently established the GSA’s Standard Advisory Group, enlisting representation from 20 countries around the world, as well as senior buyers, service providers and accreditation partners.

Kerry’s career spans over 20 years in strategic consultancy and corporate communications in the high-tech and business-to-business arena, representing companies to include: ICL; Lexmark; IBM; KPN Qwest; Avaya; Crystal Decisions and Cincom.


NIX Solutions:

NIX Solutions Ltd. was founded in 1994. Backed by a rich history and solid traditions, their sincere desire to innovate and help clients’ businesses became drivers for success. NIX Solutions have grown dynamically, constantly expanding the range and raising the quality of their services.

Their mission is to create software products that anticipate  clients’ needs, facilitate their business, and provide value.


TTEC (NASDAQ: TTEC) is a leading global customer experience technology and services provider focused exclusively on the design, implementation and delivery of transformative solutions for many of the world's most iconic and disruptive brands. The Company delivers outcome-based customer engagement solutions through TTEC Digital, its digital consultancy that designs and builds human centric, tech-enabled, insight-driven customer experience solutions for clients and TTEC Engage, its delivery centre of excellence, that operates customer acquisition, care, growth and digital trust and safety services. Founded in 1982, the Company's 50,500 employees operate on six continents across the globe and live by a set of customer-focused values that guide relationships with clients, their customers, and each other. To learn more about how TTEC is bringing humanity to the customer experience, visit

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