Tech Mahindra completes deployment of Adjunct Rating Solutions

10 Sep 2007 12:00 AM | Kerry Hallard (Administrator)

Tech Mahindra, the largest independent India-based IT services provider dedicated exclusively to the telecommunications industry, announced the implementation of an Adjunct Rating solution at Zain (formerly MTC-Vodafone), in Kuwait. Using RateIntegration's PriceMaker Enterprise Pricing Server product, the solution has reduced time-to-market for new services, reduced operational costs, and improved the flexibility of the entire billing process for Zain in Kuwait. This is Tech Mahindra's second installation of the Adjunct Rating Solution after an award winning successful deployment at Zain in Jordan. s

Zain has a reputation for pioneering new services and is reinforcing its leadership position in Kuwait by adopting customer driven marketing strategies. As on December 31, the operation served 1.461 million active customers. With increasedcompetition and to increase its flexibility to launch new products, services and improve the overall operational effectiveness of its existing investments, Zain was looking for a convergent rating solution.

With over 18 years of experience developing solutions for the telecommunications industry, Tech Mahindra's world-class consultants developed a business case that would allow Zain - to leverage the significant investments it had already made in its underlying business and operations support systems (BSS/OSS) while ensuring a non-disruptive transition with zero system-outage. The solution was to implement an adjunct rating engine and product catalog rather than replacing the entire billingsystem.

Overcoming the system integration challenge with the help of Zain - IT and user groups from marketing, sales and finance, Tech Mahindra implemented the solution in record time ensuring the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

RateIntegration's PriceMaker Enterprise Rating Server is a rules-based pricing capability utilized by software applications via standard integration frameworks. PriceMaker performs a broad range of pre and post paid functions, including pricing, rating and discounting for voice and data services. Designed specifically work with in-house and third-party applications, PriceMaker allows companies achieve unparalleled time to market and preserve existing OSS/BSS investments.

The pre-set risk of credit control analysis is available almost real-time and allows ZAIN- to utilize granular pre-paid airtime buckets bundled with post-paid services in the future. The adjunct rating solution has thus become a production-proven, scaleable business component of Zain- that will be used to model and implement any future products and offerings.

"I always felt that given Zain's global scale of operations it was imperative that we look at a modular approach in creating our OSS and BSS stacks. As a first step ZAIN has decided to enhance its Rating capability by implementing the Price Maker rating tool from Rate Integration with Tech Mahindra as the systems integrator. This fully flexible and rules based rating engine provides great flexibility to our marketing teams in coming up with unique service and price offerings to the market in quick time." said Saleh Al-Houti IT Director.

A key corporate objective of this effort was to achieve faster time-to-market for products and lower our overall operational costs, Tech Mahindra is helping us make our overall service offering more competitive and enable us to create new offers and launch products fast." PriceMaker offered strong simplicity in use and the domain understanding that Tech Mahindra brought to the project made the whole implementation smooth.? said Mohamed Rafi, Zain Group CIO of Group.

"Tech Mahindra is proud to enable Zain meet the challenges of a competitive telecom marketplace by offering a unique solution that helps price next generation voice and products efficiently." said CP Gurnani, President International Operations, Tech Mahindra.

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