ASDA outsources to Global Expense

8 Aug 2007 12:00 AM | Anonymous

ASDA has chosen to appoint GlobalExpense to manage its employee expense process.

Approximately 2,500 colleagues that claim expenses on a monthly basis will be able to use the service: mainly store managers from across the UK and head office colleagues based at Asda House in Leeds and George House in Leicestershire.

Mike Hazelgrave, Asda Reward Manager, said: “We estimate that we will save approximately £200,000 a year by using GlobalExpense's employee expense management process.

The contract was signed in March 2007, but GlobalExpense has worked with ASDA since October 2006 on a pilot scheme. The GlobalExpense system was rolled-out in March 2007, first to colleagues in ASDA House and George House, and will be rolled out to all store based colleagues by end of August.

“We were still 100 per cent paper based when it came to colleague expense management,” said Mike Hazelgrave. “Colleagues were unhappy with the manual system especially colleagues who travel extensively overseas.

“Before GlobalExpense, we processed colleague expenses via the payroll function and claims were reimbursed with colleagues’ salaries. Colleagues sometimes had to wait up to five or six weeks before being reimbursed. Being a global company, colleagues that travel regularly are often out of the country for between six to eight weeks and for them, the delay between making a claim and receiving payment was often much longer. Now colleagues can claim expenses online, anytime, anywhere and be reimbursed directly into their bank account within a week.

“The new system allows our audit team to track more easily what’s been claimed for, check it against the company policy and even change the policy if they see that it is unrealistic or leading to waste.”

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