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The GSA is pleased to announce a change to the association partnership with Raconteur.

The report will focus on the benefits of outsourcing and how they unlock huge benefits for businesses. The report is titled “Enterprise Agility”, published in the centre of The Times newspaper on the 23rd September, 2019. Together with our support, they are working to create a 16-page report putting together well-informed, thought-provoking content which will highlight the innovations and ideas that are driving the growth of outsourcing and agile and explore how these developments will shape the future of how all businesses operate

With a national circulation of 436,692 and an overall readership of 1.05 million, The Times is the leading newspaper reaching senior business leaders, public sector leaders and policymakers. With over 422k purchase decision makers. reaching 20% of UK SMEs and 235k company directors within the wider readership, this report is the perfect platform on which to debate the challenges and opportunities in this exciting sector.

Profiling just 6-8 leading companies in this space, discounted commercial options are available to all GSA members. For further details, please contact Publishing Manager, Patrick Morgan (+44(0)203 322 8332 / who would be happy to provide more information about the report and the ROI that partners can expect from involvement.

Raconteur are a premium independent publishing house, committed to producing high quality, special interest content for The Times & Sunday Times newspapers. For more information, please contact Patrick Morgan directly on (+44(0)203 322

To view the Media kit, please click here.

To read the report on “Enterprise Agility” published in association with the GSA in the centre of The Times newspaper on the 23rd September 2019, please click here:  Raconteur- Enterprise Agility

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