The Global Sourcing Association partners with Clausify to launch GSA Standard Terms 

In the summer of 2023 the GSA launched the publication of the GSA’s Standard Terms for professional (and IT) services (GSA Terms). This is believed to be a UK industry-first launch of a framework agreement for professional (and IT) services where an industry body, top tier law firms and a legal technology provider have closely collaborated, and supplements the GSA NDA released a few weeks ago. The NDA and professional services agreement are the first contracts to be published in the GSA’s suite of industry standard terms.

We are hosting the Standard Terms in the Clausify platform as a means to ensure that the “standard” contract doesn’t get adapted or modified while still appearing standard. Clausify is a unique legal tech platform that keeps all standard clauses locked from editing, while providing the ability to add special terms or bespoke amendments in a controlled, transparent and auditable way - thus guaranteeing users that they are indeed using GSA’s Standard Terms and not an amended version. We think this is a great addition to our approach to standardisation, delivering real peace of mind to users.

The GSA Terms, powered by Claus.ify, will revolutionise contracting across professional services through promoting a balanced and fair contract structure as its combination with a bespoke legal technology platform offers users the certainty around the integrity of standard language

View the GSA terms onClausify here.

View the GSA Confidentiality Agreement on Clausify here

Some key benefits of GSA Standard Terms include:

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Reduced fees in contracting

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Reduced time in negotiation

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Security for all parties

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 A level playing field for diverse suppliers 

The GSA’s Contracting Workstream, comprised of industry professionals including some of the leading legal minds in the industry, worked collaboratively and extensively over the past 12 months to create the GSA Terms through a process of role-playing by representing the views of both the buyer and the provider to come to a balanced contract. 

David Jones, founder of Clausify said: “In my almost 20 years’ experience as a lawyer I was increasingly frustrated by the amount of time that was wasted on negotiating what I deemed unnecessary clauses. It often seemed like a futile point scoring exercise. I have lost track of the number of times that business people complained that lawyers were slowing down their deals - and that negotiations were not sufficiently focussed on what matters to them – the commercials (e.g. the scope of the work and fees), but instead on various legal points that they place much less importance on. It was from this frustration that the concept of Clausify was born – a platform built to make all aspects of the contracting process easier, but uniquely focused on standardised agreements. We are delighted to be partnering with the GSA, an organisation that shares the same values as to the importance of standardised terms as we do.”

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