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Running an industry association can often be challenging – our revenues are very tight and the demands upon us are very high, but running an industry association can be very rewarding too. We get to work with so many amazing companies and individuals within them that really do care about the industry and the profession, wanting to share their insights and volunteer their time for the benefit of their peers and colleagues across the industry.

In recognition of those organisations that go above and beyond to help drive this industry forward we are delighted to announce GSA’s Social Value Leaderboard. Our industry performs better, is perceived better and therefore grows faster when we collaborate, when we share thought leadership, when we share case studies, when we discuss challenges. In our minds this is true social value for our community and should be recognised just like any other social value for communities such as cleaning canals or sponsoring a community playground.

Our Social Value Leaderboard has been developed by attributing points to different activities that have supported the work of the association throughout the course of 2022 and then calculating the total social value points the fantastic members of our community have been awarded for their support.

As we close out 2022 I would like to recognise and thank the following organisations that have demonstrated a true commitment to improving the buying and delivery of technology and business services all around the world.

I am delighted to announce the top 3 social value leaders across all key categories of our membership and to make a big shout out to our overall Social Value winner: Intetics. Intetics has worked diligently as GSA’s pro bono Technology Partner over the course of 2022, developing our super user-friendly events app, and all done out of Ukraine. Our software development team there has shown super professionalism, commitment and resilience despite facing immense adversity. Thank you Intetics.

Service Provider –

1.       CGI

2.       Accenture

3.       FPT Software

Software Development Company –

1.       Intetics Inc.

2.       Future Processing

3.       Nix United

Start-ups -

1.       Claus.ify

2.       OpenDialog AI

3.       Open Assembly

CX Provider –

1.       Webhelp

2.       Teleperformance

3.       TTEC

Law Firm –

1.       DLA Piper

2.       Ashurst

3.       Eversheds Sutherland

Analyst Firm –

1.       Everest Group

2.       Sarah Burnett

3.       HFS Research

Advisory Firm –

1.       Neo Group

2.       KPMG

3.       Supply Wisdom

Buyside Brand –

1.       Zurich

2.       Meta

3.       John Lewis

Public Sector Lead –

1.       Guy’s & St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

2.       NHS Shared Business Services

3.       Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Destination –

1.       BPESA representing South Africa

2.       BASIS representing Bangladesh

3.       EDB Mauritius

Finally, as we enter 2023 the GSA will be launching its Social Procurement workstream dedicated to helping members better understand all aspects of social value creation to include areas such as supplier diversity and impact sourcing, with the intent that we increase the industry’s social value contribution, promote that contribution and so position the global technology and business services industry as a leading industry in terms of social value contributions – further boosting its reputation to bolster growth.

If you would like to know more about the scoring behind our Social Value Leaderboard, understand your own company’s performance in our Social Value scoring or be involved with our Social Procurement workstream, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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