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Donna Kelly, Senior Vice President, Business Unit Leader UK South and Midlands & Chair of the DEI Working Group at CGI

It is so important for Service Providers and Enterprise Buyers to understand what a good DEI programme looks like, so we can improve as an industry. In this week’s SourcingTV, Kerry Hallard speaks to Donna Kelly, Senior Vice President Business Unit Lead for South Midlands and Chair of the DEI Working Group at CGI. The inspirational DEI programme at CGI won Diversity and Inclusion Programme of the Year at the 2022 GSA Professional Awards.

Donna shares how and why the programme started, how their DEI networks are run, why it’s so important to use the programme to educate others on different diversity groups, some examples of how the networks have had a positive impact on the workplace and parts with advice for anyone looking to implement their own programme.

Watch the full interview below.

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