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GSA Workstreams for 2023

Social Sourcing

Service Provider Sustainability Maturity Index

ESG is on every board agenda – and of course it’s in our program.

As an industry we are pretty good at the environmental piece – although more to be done on green data centres, etc -  and have always focused on good governance,  but as a people industry we really need to focus on the Social elements more.

Another example of our move to standardisation, we have developed a standard questionnaire for buyers to use to gauge the ESG performance of their service providers. We saw that all our buy-side members were grappling with what questions to ask of their tier 1 service providers and all service providers were being inundated with questionnaires – all of which were different and often comparing apples with pears.

So with our ESG questionnaire in circulation and under revision, we are reviewing what should come next.

Should the GSA hold the service provider data? Do we move this on to the index to showcase exemplary performers that guide the rest of the industry to excellence. This workstream will explore this journey.