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Introduction to the Global Sourcing Standard

The Global Sourcing Standard is aimed at helping organisations on both the buy and supply side achieve the utmost success with their sourcing.

This is the cornerstone of the GSA’s ongoing campaign to make individuals and organisations more effective by providing practical guidance, content and qualifications from practitioner experience as well as toolkits, templates and techniques.

In adopting a global standard for the industry we will be making it easier for buyers and service providers worldwide to quickly recognise achievement and quality in an industry operating beyond borders. By working together on this common, coherent and strategic direction we can create a single view of the standard in excellence that, as an industry, we strive to achieve.

Participating organisations regard the standards accreditation process as a journey towards sourcing excellence, confirming competency, addressing weaknesses, and assuring customers and stakeholders they’re in the safest hands. The Global Sourcing Standard can offer external expert analysis of process and procedures; help identify specific areas in need of attention and drive meaningful improvements.

New technology, such as cloud computing, automation and robotics, is bringing new opportunities for our industry, and will shape the way we work in future.

Creative, innovative and dynamic organisations which embrace change and continually search for the next thing in sourcing excellence – only these players will thrive in the new ecosystem!


The Global Sourcing Standard is a non-prescriptive model designed for sourcing practitioners to validate or to develop their own approaches to sourcing strategy. The Standard also provides those who are impacted by sourcing with an appreciation of what it is and how it works.

The Standard has been developed to be used by outsourcing buyers and suppliers.

It also includes references to the particular requirements of the public sector where particular regulatory procurement rules apply.

This document contains a detailed description of the Lifecycle model. It is intended as a reference document rather than a document that will be read from start to finish.

A diagrammatic one-page view of each of the phases of the Standard is provided, followed by detailed explanations of each of the stages within the phase.

The Standard is not intended only to be concerned with outsourcing. Outsourcing is certainly an important sourcing option but it is not the only option. Establishing shared service centres, introducing automation and bringing back outsourced services in-house are all popular options used by organisations throughout the world to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their organisations.

What is common to effective sourcing strategy is that it must remain dynamic, flexible and responsive to change in a world that it changing at an ever increasing rate.

The Global Sourcing Standard is available to members only. Click here  to download the full document.


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